Monday, November 14, 2016

Lot Tour: Davis Home

This was the Yellow Provencal home that the Mendenhall family lived in. Then Elphy brought the home from her brother, Henry and she and her architect husband made some big changes to the house in order to make it their home. They converted the home from a 3 bedroom/2 bath home into a 4 bedroom/3 bath home by adding a small addition to the back of the house.


exterior, Elphy added lots more plants and fountains and statues to the tiny front yard. After living with concrete as her front yard and a rooftop garden, she was excited to have grass again.

foyer. Elphy loves bright colors, while Andrew perfers black and white. Elphy's design style is clearly winning

living area

kitchen, like much of the rest of the house-lots of color. Elphy and Andrew are not big cooks, but they do appreciate the space to make healthy organic meals.

dining area and gallery wall. They might have to tear down the greenhouse wall since Andrew gets a bit chilled from the drafts coming in from the wall during the recent snowstorms. Elphy would be sad to lose her flower display, but appreciates a warm spouse more.

guest bath

master bedroom with more subdued colors

master bath-Andrew insisted on some calm colors after spending so much time in rainbow land in the rest of the house, he wants a nice place to relax. He would love to convert the shower/tub combo into a walk-in shower, but Elphy loves her bubble baths.

Madeline's nursery-which is closely replicated from her previous nursery in the metro.

children's bathroom

Andrew's office

overview-bottom level, master bedroom and ensuite bath, kitchen, dining, living area and additional bath

Overview-top floor, nursery; office for Andrew and gym for Elphy. They eventually want to have another baby...or two, so those bedrooms will become nurseries and Andrew will have to finish his work at the office and not bring so much of it home...


  1. What a bright and cheerful home! I love the floor in the kids' bathroom.

    1. Thank you, this was my experiment with decorating with bright colors. It was hard to do, but it didn't look like unicorn poop at the end-which was my fear :)

  2. Love this! I'm a sucker for bright colours and you've used them so well here.

    1. Thanks, I typically don't decorate like this, so this was stretching outside my comfort zone.

  3. Gorgeous home! I love all the bright colors and the adorable kitchen! It's a great home for this family, and yay for having a lawn again!


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