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Superficial Measures, 2020

Patar, summer, 2020
Naraj is 25, Erricson Frankson is 29

Things have moved very quickly in Naraj's life. 

Erricson moved out of the apartment. He and Annie are seriously dating and he moved into her home.

Everything is going great, and he plans on proposing soon.

Erricson has always wanted to be married before he was 30, and he is on the cusp of 30.

Naraj's big day finally arrived, he was set to meet the woman that his father and sister had determined would be a good fit for him. He was understandable nervous, much like Veena was as she stood outside the door.

She wasn't sure what to expect of this man, Naraj Shazad, she thought as the named silently rolled off her tongue.

When she finally saw him, she couldn't help but awkwardly say hello. Awkward was how she did things. 

They sat next to each other in silence and listened as their families listed off their various merits 

to each other. It sounded like an auction and both wondered if they were meeting in the hopes of marriage 

or were they about to be sold off.

"Would you like a drink of water?" Naraj asked, his throat dry with nerves.

"Yes please, I'll walk with you."

After silently drinking their water, they slowly shuffled back to the living room. 

"How were you able to get your three degrees and two PhDs so quickly? I mean, besides being insanely intelligent." Naraj asked in awe. 

Veena smiled, "I was homeschooled from an early age and I was able to advance in my studies fairly quickly. Besides, I didn't have much of a life outside of school, I didn't have friends or participate in clubs."

"Why not?" He asked nervously. He was concerned that maybe there was something about her lack of friends that would be a warning bell for the possible future of their relationship.

Veena raised an eyebrow, "The world can be a cruel place for those that do not fit in, especially when they don't fit in physically."

""What do you mean, you don't fit in?"

"I'm sure you've noticed this huge mark on my face?"

"Yes...I thought it was a it not?"

"It is."


"So what?"

"So...why is your birthmark an issue?"

"I don't look like others, so I've been teased all my life. I've had rocks thrown at me. Marriage proposals abruptly stopped after they see me. My looks bring dishonor to my family."

"That's ridiculous. If there are sims that allow your birthmark to stop them from getting to know you, then they're not worth knowing. That's the thing about society...they're concerned about the wrong things. Superficial measures that fade over time. What they really should be concerned with is..."

After an intensely deep conversation, Veena and Naraj were no longer shy or nervous. 

They were also officially engaged.

Over dinner as their families made discussions and plans concerning their future, they got to know each other more.

"You're a lab assistant in a fragrance lab?"

"The dowry will be prorated"

"Your dad is the vice-president of Shiny Things, Inc?"

"One portion once they have their one year anniversary"

"Your mother works in the fragrance lab with you?"

"The remaining portion once they have their five year anniversary, or the birth of their first child, which ever is first."

"What's your favorite color?"

"The wedding will be this summer of course."

"I love that book too!"

"Yes, we will be able to make all the arrangements in time."

Shazad-Kaphoor wedding is planned for Summer 2020


  1. I am so, so happy for Naraj and Veena! And I agree with Naraj that anyone who thinks Veena's birthmark is an issue is not a sim worth knowing. She's a beautiful sim, no matter what anyone else might think of her, and Naraj is very right - her intelligence and character are far more important than superficial things anyway!

    They seem to be a great match for each other - I wish them all the best :)

    1. They seem to have a lot in common and are as suited as well as they could be considering the circumstances. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Naraj and Veena make a great couple. I can't wait for the wedding.

    1. The wedding will be very soon. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Glad the first meeting between Naraj and Veena went so well! Wonderful that he's found someone he can click with and that Veena has found someone who can look past her birthmark (which of course shouldn't be an issue for anyone decent).

    1. I think they were both nervous about what the other would think of their physical attributes, so it was a relief for them both. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Aww, I was super anxious for these two to meet, and now, I'm super happy! Naraj and Veena seem very compatible, and to have bonded quickly as well. My husband's cousin has a facial birthmark, it was terribly burdensome for her growing up, but she's happily married and with kids now, I'm looking forward to seeing that become reality for Veena.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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