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Passion, Part 1, 2020

Remar, summer, 2020

Veena peeked beyond the curtain at the small crowd that was gathered to watch her and Naraj marry.

She should have felt least more nervous than she was feeling. But she felt a bit numb. The emotions of the past few weeks were almost too much to handle so she would shut down, with her eyes wide in terror, wondering what had she done.

Was this wise? She was basically marrying a stranger.

It was in those moments that Naraj would glance over at her, or gently grab her hand and ask if she wanted to leave the room for a cup of tea.

She would nod, grateful that finally someone could look at her face and recognize their own terror and nervousness. They wouldn't say much during those moments, and she was grateful for it.

Naraj was similar to her, he needed time away to gather his thoughts. Much like her, he seemed to be surrounded by a family that rushed with their feelings, knowing right away what the right decision was, having the need to talk out thier thoughts and jumble up the air with unnecessary words.

No, she wasn't numb, she decided. She was confident, assured in her decision. She had spent the time she needed to think about all the details and what if's. She had even voiced some of her concerns with Naraj and he agreed.

She always thought of herself as level-headed and rational, so to meet a man who was even more level-headed than her, who made his decisions with the same painstaking precision and deliberate, unhurried speed was a relief.

She smiled as he looked at her . He already gave her comfort, even after only knowing him for a few weeks, she felt so much peace and security when she was with him. As if he would gladly fight off any dragons in the world that dared to menace her.

She couldn't help but smile at that foolish fairy tale. She wasn't a damsel in distress, she was a confident navigator of her destiny. If it meant that she would marry a near-stranger, then she was happy to oblige.

It wasn't a love match, but she knew that Naraj had the personality and character that she could grow to love.

Her parents were an arranged marriage as well, and they were happy beyond belief. The effort and hard work of their families produced a happy union with progressive values.

Perhaps too progressive and liberal for their ancestors. She knew that they would be satisfied if she were to claim that she never wanted to be married, perhaps that is why her grandfather made such a complicated will.

She adored her grandfather, but her love died a little when she found out the hold that he placed over her mother and father. Reading in black and white his conservative views of family and seeing just a bit of how he used his money to assure that his will was done.

The full amount of the inheritance...released upon the birth of a child...said child will be the biological great-grandchild of the deceased...else the parties accept forfeiture of the full inheritance. 

If it was only her inheritance that would be impacted, Veena would have happily lived all her days protected in her lab from the cruel world, but that nasty document also entangled the affairs of her parents.

They assured her that they were financially comfortable and had made smart decisions with their investments, but Veena knew that it would be a large relief to have access to a part of grandfather's estate.

In a way, he had done her a favor. While she desired a fulfilled satisfying marriage, she was content not to pursue it.

Not to be hurt by the looks and angry words that would come her way if she attempted to let a man know that she was interested in him. She hadn't had much hope for a love match.

Most men looked at her face and her degrees with disgust, convinced that she was tainted and cursed.

Even her journey to an arranged marriage had been paved with thorns and detours as men lured by her wealth decided that it wasn't worth it to have to produce an heir with her.

As if she were a disease that was not easily rid of.

Naraj was different. He viewed her education as an asset, not with intimidation. He dismissed her birthmark as the potential deal-breaker that it was in the past to so many suitors.

She hadn't revealed the issue of the inheritance, but had convinced him that she desired a child...very soon. 

He was hesitant of course, he was in her final year of medical school and worried about how they would care for a child. But the terms of the dowry gave him some relief. The couple would get a small sum of money upon the birth of their child, or their five year anniversary, whichever was first. The amount wasn't enough to make them rich, but it was a nice bit of security. However, she had convinced him that she wanted a family soon, and he wanted a family as well.

"Whatever I can do to make you happy, I will try my best."

Veena couldn't help but grin at her new husband as she remembered their conversation. Her mother said that Naraj was already in love if she could wrap him around her finger so easily.

She wasn't so sure. They had great conversations and could talk all night about the mysteries of the universe, but they lacked passion.

Maybe one day they would have the same passion as her sister-in-law, Myra, that seemed to bubble over at every chance. Or maybe they would have a mutual respect and admiration of each other, content to have a marriage of equals.

A marriage built on mutual support, and fellowship, providing a safe place to raise children and to grow old together. A marriage built on the desire to share their lives with have a lifetime companion. Their marriage would be built on the desire to feel connected with a sim and to grow with that sim emotionally.

Built on the willingness to be there for each other while they both fulfill their own needs and dreams. Perhaps passion wasn't something that would fit into their marriage.

That didn't mean that their marriage would be less valid.

Perhaps passion was the aspect of marriage that wasn't valid.

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  1. What a lovely wedding, I liked getting the peek into her mindsight, and thoughts for the whole process. Crazy how the will really has that power over her family. I hope that things work out well for them, and they can find happiness with one another.

    1. Money is pretty powerful, I teach my students about the six bases of power and one of them-reward power-is a way for others to influence the actions of others. Veena's grandfather knew exactly what he was doing and considering that the money would be very helpful as Veena's family is pretty well off, but not insanely wealthy, especially with all their business debts that will need to be paid at some point. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Awww, what a wonderful update. I think Veena is beautiful. Such a nice wedding. I can't wait for them to have a baby. I hope the newlyweds will be very happy.

    1. I don't think you'll have to wait very long since Veena convinced Naraj to try for a baby and they both have baby wants now. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Gorgeous sari!! Best wishes for the newlyweds!

    1. Thanks, I was so excited to find those recolors on GOS. If you want me to track them down for you, just let me know. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Lovely update and I hope life will be kind to these two!

    1. I hope so as well, but I think they might have some issues headed their way especially if Veena doesn't share about the terms of the inheritance soon. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. What a beautiful wedding. It was interesting reading things from Veena's mindset. I like that she has mostly practical reasons for marrying but that she is also quite positive about the situation she'd found herself in. I'm curious to read how she and Naraj adapt to married life, now that they can finally start getting to know each other properly.

    1. I think Veena's background and poor treatment from her peers doesn't allow her the luxury to daydream about princes on white horses. I tried to convey that there are other valid reasons for marriage that have nothing to do with love. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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