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Passion, part 2, 2020

Remar, summer, 2020

The plane ride was long, but the first class seats were enjoyable. Veena's parents had splurged and purchased the couple's honeymoon as well. Since it was summer, Naraj and Veena were able to secure three simweeks of vacation time. They decided to spend it all in one place, Mineral Lodge, in the middle of the snowy mountains.

"You look very beautiful," Naraj offered as they waited for the bellhop to load their bags.

Veena blushed, "thank you. You look very nice too."

It was Naraj's time to blush.

Even though they wanted to start working on a baby soon, the new couple was understandable shy that first night.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I know you said that you wanted to have a baby soon, but if you change your mind and want to go slower, we will go slower."

As they cuddled that night, Veena couldn't help but think that Naraj was too good to be true. She wondered when he would become impatient with her. When he would lash out in anger and throw hurtful words at her.

At this point, she wanted the baby more than she was willing to live in fear of Naraj's dark side. Since he was the shy one of the two, Veena attempted to get over her shyness to let him know that she was very much interested in becoming intimate.

Naraj was very sweet about the whole process, making sure to take his time and be as gentle as possible. It wasn't Naraj's or Veena's first encounter.

Naraj's was in high school with his kind-of girlfriend, Annie Grey and Veena's was with a high class escort that she paid highly to take her out on a real date and, as she had nervously said on the phone, deflower her.

She was barely older than a teenager at the time and she didn't think she would ever get the opportunity based on the cruel taunts of her peers.

They spent the next few days exploring their surroundings. Skiing, bird watching,

tasting the local fare.

Their evenings were spent enjoying dinners in the lodge over glasses of sparkling nectar,

giggling as Naraj attempted to flirt or to make her smile.

They made out in the lobby under the approving smirks of the front desk manager, who made sure to send daily trinkets to the honeymooners. A box of chocolates here, a rose covered bed there. It was enough for Veena to believe that perhaps her mother was right and Naraj was in love with her.

She tried to enjoy the bubbles in her tummy when he pulled her in close for a kiss, but she also wondered if they were the first signs of upcoming doom. It wasn't possible that she would have found a love match in an arranged marriage, especially so soon.

Early one morning, she gave up on sleep. She couldn't keep her stomach from tossing and turning with nerves and anxiety. Maybe she was coming down with something, she had told Naraj, when he woke up and stood outside the bathroom door asking if she needed anything.

He insisted that she spend the next day in bed. She was grateful for the rest, she was so tired, and she kept running back and forth to the bathroom. First, throwing up last night's dinner, then throwing up nothing but stomach acid.

Naraj stayed by her side for three simdays, helping her to drink a bit of ginger ale and nimble on salt and vinegar potato chips, once they discovered she could keep it down.

While caring for her, Naraj some how became imprinted in Veena's heart. It wasn't love, but his devotion to her endeared him to Veena.

Which was just as well, since when they left the lodge after three simweeks, they were leaving with an extra special souvenir due that upcoming spring.
Baby Shazad due Spring 2021


  1. I know their marriage is in for some growing pains but I hope in the end that they will love each other.

    I wonder why Veena is so sure Naraj has a dark side and will lash out at her. Because she's been mistreated by her peers all her life? Or does something from her past has her expecting that husbands are all abusive to some degree?

    I'm excited about the new baby coming! I hope he/she takes after Veena in the looks department. Sorry, Naraj. Even with her birthmark, Veena is much better looking than you are. :-)

    1. LOL! I understand what you mean. I'm not sure how those genes combined with Naraj since his brother and sister are less extreme in the looks department. I think Veena is still tormented by her past with peers and her failed marriage prospects as well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh, I still wish the best for these two. Okay, maybe mostly for her, but still. :)

    Excited about the baby!

    1. I'm excited about the new baby as well. I'm curious to do a pregnancy scan to see if they will have twins or not since Naraj is a twin. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I'm really quite attached to Veena already, you know. I hope, hope, hope things with Naraj continue to go as well as they have so far and that her anxiety is just that - anxiety - and turns out to be totally unfounded.

    And yay, baby! Can't wait to meet their little one.

    1. I'm surprised that you're attached to her, I thought you guys wouldn't like her because she was keeping the will a secret from Naraj. Thankfully we know that Naraj is a nice guy, but she doesn't know it. She only just met him a few simweeks ago. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Naraj and Veena are adorable! I'm excited for them to have a baby, and I hope that in time she will be able to trust him, and not expect the floor to fall out under her (dark side, etc). I can see why she has trust issues though.

    1. I think Veena just needs a lot more time with Naraj for her trust issues to diminish a bit. They kept trying for a baby on their own via ACR which I found very odd. I honestly thought that they would wait a few years before trying for kids. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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