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Thankful, 2020

Havar, fall, 2020
Amanda Wilsonoff is 25, Elliot Fairbairn is 25
narrated by Elliot

Adulthood wasn't what young sims dreamed about. It wasn't exactly filled with days doing only what you wanted to do and no one could tell you otherwise. Instead it was filled with annoying life disruptions like your apartment being shut down by the city due to invasive black mold.

Being forced into a market where the inventory for apartments were low and the rent very high, especially when your girlfriend had massive student loans.

In the end, we found a roommate, Gerald Frankson, and an apartment in the same complex as my co-worker, Russel. In fact, we were neighbors, which made for a partner to share the morning commute with.

Gerald isn't a bad roommate, he's dating a college student, so we see a lot of her, but she likes to cook, so the fridge is full of the leftover recipes that she's tweaking.

I'm glad he's dating a culinary genius who leaves delicious meals behind and not a medical school student who transports pieces of cadavers.

Needless to say, I've been very nervous lately. I planned on proposing to Amanda and have been trying to plan something elaborate to sweep her off of her feet. But then she made a remark after watching a reality show about the wastefulness of big engagement ploys.

She said it is just fine to propose at home while the couple jointly brushes their teeth. After hearing that, I canceled my big plans.

I didn't plan on proposing at home over the bathroom sink. Who would want to tell their children that story?

I had plans on a romantic dinner at The Warehouse,

but those plans changed when the server dropped our salads all over my lap.

Amanda couldn't understand why I was so angry, especially when she's usually the angry one. I went to the restroom to mop up salad dressing as best as I could and when I returned, Amanda had secured us a new table, a free meal and a different server.

Things went much better the second time around and I was able to ask her to marry me.

She said yes. Even though I didn't expect her to say no, it was still a relief to hear her say yes.

The manager even sent over champagne to help us celebrate.

We won't be getting married right away. We need to save money for the wedding. Then after the wedding, we are planning on staying in the Metro in our apartment longer so that we can save for a house. Right now we need to focus on paying Amanda's student loans which are hindering us from qualifying for a good loan.

We had a few days to enjoy the news just to ourselves before we celebrated Harvest Day with Amanda's family.

Her brother, Abel and his wife, Myra, were hosting the event at their home. I love visiting them and being surrounded with family.

Especially since I'm estranged from my own family. It's nice hanging out with the girls and lending a hand and basically feeling as if I am a part of the family already.

Rebecca, who has requested that I call her rested this Harvest Day while everyone else prepped the meal.

I was thankful that the meal didn't burn and was edible,

but you can't exactly say that when it's your turn to talk about what you're thankful for.

Over dinner, when we shared what we were thankful for, I said Amanda. How she has been a bright light in my life and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Everyone was thrilled with our news, but I think the bigger surprise was after dinner when Myra announced that she and Abel were pregnant again.
Baby Wilsonoff-Shazad due Summer 2021
Amanda and Elliot plan on getting married in 2022.


  1. Glad the proposal went well, after the salad spillage almost ruined the night! Proposing at a restaurant is a nice middle ground between a big blowout fancy thing and proposing while brushing teeth. ;)

    Oh my gosh, another baby for Myra and Abel! What is their IFS, out of curiosity?

    1. When I saw the waiter spill the salad I felt so bad for Elliot. I mean of all dates to get salad spillage it had to be when he was going to propose!

      IFS: Abel's is 4, Myra's is 7

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I'm surprised that Myra and Abel are having another baby! How fun for this family, it's just growing by babies and marriage! The proposal was very nice, I like your warehouse that you built, and it's nice seeing it put to good use. Much better proposal than over toothpaste spit! :D

    1. I'm surprised too. I think they actually planned this one. They are going to have to do some more remodeling to arrange enough bedrooms for the kids when they are older especially since they remodeled the home to be a two bedroom home by combining two rooms to be their master. I guess they can always put another wall back up. Thanks for reading and commenting!


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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