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Bringing Home Baby, Givar, 2021

Givar, winter, 2021
slight NSFW

Annie and Ericsson were ecstatic. They were finally able to take their twins home.

The day before, Lara was sick to her stomach with nerves...

Until she wasn't so sure that it was nerves.

Annie and Ericsson are expecting another child due Fall 2022.

Lyza and Russel Brown were awakened in the middle of the night when Lyza's water broke. They decided to labor at home in their apartment for as long as possible until it became unbearable.

A few simdays later, they brought home their son, Lawerence.

They were so in love with him, that they decided to why wait for another child

and made plans to begin trying for another family member as soon as possible.

Si'Eyna didn't feel this big when she was pregnant with Kane and she has had the ultrasound technician check several times to make sure that she's not carrying twins.

She isn't, and the baby is measuring just a few days ahead of its due date.

She's not content with the news that she's not pregnant with twins and just big for a women in her third trimester,

but Trevor assures her that she is healthy and beautiful.

Claire is experiencing a rather enjoyable third trimester, though she does have trouble seeing over her belly to clean the kitchen at times.

Tracy's third trimester finds her snacking in the middle of the night and sore due to the baby's frequent movements. And very gassy that Rex sometimes "falls asleep by mistake" on the couch instead of sleeping in their bed.

Hiro and Yuki are excited to enter the third trimester with their twins, but their excitement is short lived when Yuki goes into labor simweeks early.

Thankfully their twin boys are perfectly healthy despite their early delivery and are able to go home after a short stay in the hospital.

They welcome Kenji, who has deep dark brown eyes and black hair

and his brother, Daichi, who has grey eyes and black hair.


  1. So many nooboos being born and more to come! Very exciting,

    I hope Si'Enya doesn't end up with a C-section.

    LOL I bumped into everything with my big belly when I was pregnant.

    In actual play, do all your simmies give birth at home? I have a hospital with Chris Hatch's hospital mods so some of mine will have their babies there.

    1. Ooops, I forgot to add that I use your Veronica Kent Medical Center as my hospital in all my hoods.

  2. The Apple Valley baby boom continues! Annie and Erricson definitely didn't waste any time adding to their family. I love the names Hiro and Yuki chose for their twins too. :)

  3. I can't believe Annie is pregnant again! I hear the concerns on twins Si'Enya, I thought so with one of mine and it was just ONE giant baby. She was just shy of ten freaking pounds. Little Monster!


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