Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Snapshots-Bridal Shower

Amanda was thankful that her mom and aunt held a small bridal shower for her. She wasn't a fan of big crowds or a lot of sims that she had to pretend around. So the small guest list of her cousin and two friends was plenty.

Amanda was thankful that Annie was able to come to the bridal shower as well. Especially considering that her twins were still in the hospital undergoing treatment. Hearing her talk about her tiny babies and seeing the love for them overflow from her words made Amanda wonder about the baby she lost a year ago this simlonic month.

Seeing her friend, Lyza, heavy with child only caused the ache in her heart to deepen. She hadn't shared the news of her pregnancy...nor her loss with any of those around her. It was a burden that she and Elliot carried alone.

They talked about trying for children one day. After the wedding. After they paid off student loans. After purchasing a house. A lot of afters they needed to pass first.


  1. I lol'd at "Registry at Mod the Sims". :-)

  2. I'm glad Amanda could have a little pre-wedding celebration. I hope she can also have that family she so wants one day.

  3. Very cute invitation, and nice that they were able to get together and celebrate the upcoming wedding. Hopefully they will have a new little one on the way when they are ready.


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