Monday, December 4, 2017

Hallowed Halls, 2021

Pierce University
Senior: Jack Schel

Sophmore:Jessica Kent, Jennifer Kent
Freshman: Lilly Ana McMillian

University of Apple Valley

Junior:Esther Dawson
Sophmore: Chase Dawson, Amyra Dawson
Freshman: Issac Schel, Udar Shazad, Emilene Wilsonoff, Alia Shae Wilsonoff


Alia Shae starts her freshman year with a major crush on Udar Shazad. She's not sure why she didn't notice him in secondary school, but now he is very attractive to her.

The only problem is that Udar likes her sister Emilene.

A lot. In fact, Udar says that they are dating and he's in love.

Alia Shae doesn't have the heart to tell him that Emilene is still seeing her other boyfriend, Jim.

Even if she had the heart, she wouldn't betray her loyalty to her sister.

It doesn't mean that her feelings are less confused or conflicted.

She's angry that Emilene is dating multiple guys without them knowing and that she could have a shot with Udar if Emilene were honest.

At least that's what she tells herself, but she isn't so sure that Udar would even be interested in her.

Esther isn't thinking about romance, she's still recovering from the break down of her marriage. She never thought that she would be married, with a kid and divorced before she turned 25 simyears old. 

She switches her major to psychology so that she can become a counselor and hopefully help other couples keep their marriage alive and not make the same mistakes she has made.

Esther thinks that a lot of the couples in her dorm could benefit from counseling as well.

Lilly Ana isn't sure if she is making a mistake by becoming involved with Jack Schel, a senior. 

Well, not really involved, but a little bit more than experimenting. 

She isn't sure if they have a future together, but then again, she's not trying to get tied down her freshman year either. 

She still has her music career ahead of her.

Her cousins try to encourage her to stay focused, her scholarship is a great opportunity and she shouldn't be side tracked by boys. 

Instead she should focus like they are

and still have fun without being tied down. Which is odd considering that they both have serious boyfriends. 


  1. What a tough situation for Alia Shae! It would be one thing if Emilene was being faithful to Udar but this would be extra hard to take, I think. :\

  2. Maybe Alia Shae should talk to her sister about her own feelings for Udar. Maybe she wouldn't string him along so if she knew that her sister was interested in him. That's a tough situation to be in.

    I feel bad that Esther is having a rough time with everything, but I think it'll be for the best. Nice that she's planning to do counseling to help other couples too.


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