Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Issue 37: 2021

Issue 37: 2021
Tax Time
Hood Council Plans
Crystal Ball Forecasts

Tax Time

Taxes were collected this spring and while residents understand the need for taxes, it doesn't mean that they enjoy seeing their money taken away from them.  
Hood Council Plans

Residents are thrilled that the Hood Council voted on a series of improvements thanks to the substantial tax collection. Construction for a new primary school has been approved and is slated to open Fall 2022.  Curriculum changes are slated to be approved for Fall 2023. Additionally, a tax incentive was approved to help stimulate the growth of locally owned businesses that hire multiple employees. In addition to the tax incentive, business owners can expect a grant for §1000-§5000, with larger grants available for first time business owners and those employing multiple local residents. 

Crystal Ball Forecasts

Looking into a crystal ball, our local psychic offers these three predictions* for next year.
-A local will enjoy a harvest. 

-A local will make a major move.

-A local will experience a crisis, a small crisis in the middle.

-The hood will experience growth.
*predictions are not that different from random occurrence scenarios. newspaper accepts no liability for events.


•Lina to Abel and Myra Wilsonoff-Shazad 
Ramih and Vinesha to Naraj and Veena Shazad
•Archie and Sadie to Annie and Erricson Grey
•Lawrence to Russel and Lyza Brown
•Kenji and Daichi to Hiro and Yuki Oshima


•Esther (Grey) Dawson and Breckin Grey divorced this spring. They have joint custody of their daughter, Coraline.


1st Birthdays 
•Levi Carr
•Matus and Mason Davis 
•Harper Foster

5th Birthdays
•Kazuo Oshima
•Jackson Masters
•Xiang Hua Wuu

12th Birthdays
•Nicholas Keller
•Starling Wren
•Brooklyn and Jude Peterson
•Claudio Pentragnani

18th Birthdays
• Lilly Ana McMillian
• Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious
• Emilene Wilsonoff
• Udar Shazad
• Issac Schel

22nd Birthdays
•Simora and Aaron Sweeny

60th Birthdays
•Johan (Shazad) Schel

•Naraj Shazad graduated from Pierce University's Suzanne Carr School of Medicine
• Simora Sweeny and Aaron Sweeny graduated from Pierce University
•Lilly Ana McMillian, Issac Schel, Udar Shazad, Emilene Wilsonoff, Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious graduated from Apple Valley Academy

•Verde Herendez and Lainey Herendez were engaged this fall.
•Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavour were engaged this summer

Annie Grey and Erricson Frankson were married this spring.
•Rex Mendenhall and Tracy Royce were married this summer.

• Bill and Emma Carr celebrated 15 simyears
• Verde Herendez and Lainey Herendez would have celebrated 10 simyears, however considering their engagement and plans to remarry the staff at this newspaper are not sure how to report this detail. Do they continue with their original anniversary? Do they start over? Inquiring minds want to know!





  1. How many sims in total?

  2. "The hood will experience growth". Hmmm...well, you do have a baby boom going on! But I wonder if this means maybe a new family will be moving in?

  3. Hmm, I'm wondering what this "small crisis in the middle" is referring to... a stomach bug was the first thing I thought of :)

    1. My first thought was a miscarriage or a ruptured inventory.


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