Monday, January 29, 2018

When the Bell Rings, 2022

Hapar, spring, 2022

Principal: Ilila Peterson;
Secondary Teacher: Simlish: Jesse Kent; 
Secondary Teacher:  History: Emilia Thorn;
Secondary Teacher: Math : Krissy Thorn; 
Secondary Teacher: Science: Zhou Park;
Art Teacher: Veronika Kent; 
Music Teacher: Gretchen Humphrey; 
Physical Education Teacher: Verde Herendez

Secondary Students
12th Grade- Indira Grey, Jeremy Kent, and Lora McMillian 
11th Grade - Lesia McMillian, Richmond Grey, Jacob Carr, Olivia Humphrey and Robin Wren 
10th Grade- Abigal Carr, Vivenne Humphrey,  
9th Grade - Ari Wilsonoff-Sagacious  and Ava Wilsonoff-Sagacious 
8th Grade - Starling Wren, Claudio Pentragnani, Jude Peterson, Brooklyn Peterson
7th grade - Palila Wren, Isabella Pentragnani, Albert Frankson

To say that Ilila was busy would be an understatement. Construction for the new primary school was underway which meant a lot of site visits. 

Not only that, but she was drowning in paperwork as the hood council demanded an update in the educational curriculum in order to stay current to the needs of the students.

Thankfully her staff had increased when she was able to hire a record number of four new teachers between the two schools. 

The secondary school students 

were a mixed bag. 

The younger ones were learning about their hormones and the illusions of love and first crushes. 

While the older ones were beginning to realize 

that they would soon leave the comforts of protections of school

 and the fear in their eyes was overwhelming. 

Ilila really needed a vacation...badly.


Graduating this term are

Indira Grey who will be attending the University of Apple Valley and majoring in Engineering. She received a half Dean's Merit scholarship to Pierce University, full Provost's Merit Scholarship to the University of Apple Valley, the Sim City Scholar Grant, Bui Engineering Award, the Mendel OxygenDonation grant, the Limnological grant and the Quigley Visual Arts Grant.

Jeremy Kent will be signing a contract with the SimCity Llamas 

Lora McMillian was admitted to Pierce University as a legacy admission, but will be attending WilTech and majoring in cosmotology. She received the Young Entrepreneurs Award.


  1. Congratulations to the new graduates! May they have much success in the future.

    Jeremy is very handsome. Between his good looks and becoming a pro athlete, the ladies will love him.

    Indira reminds me of my daughter: glasses, narrow chin, long dark hair, and majoring in Engineering.

    I hope Lara opens up the first salon in Apple Valley. I like reading about Sims' businesses.

    BTW, whatever happened to Ilia's husband? Are the Petersons non-playables but Ilia shows up in school updates?

  2. Very different plans for the three graduates this year! Looking forward to seeing what happens with all of them. Indira must be a total brain with all those scholarships and a potential engineering degree under her belt.

  3. I'm with Ilila, I could really use a vacation too! Nice that she was able to hire so many new teachers to help out, and that I've gotten to see some over at N99 previously. All three graduates look great and are definitely following different paths. I'm excited to see what they do with their lives!


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