Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Snapshots, Hapar, 2022

Hapar, spring, 2022

By now Tyisha and Jack had moved in together. Jackson and Lincoln were sharing a room and the only issues were getting the boys to sleep during the night and not stay up all night talking.

When Tyisha told him about Jack and what she was sure would happen, he said congratulations and assured her that she deserved nothing less. He would continue to support she and Jackson from afar as he had been doing. He didn't think that a police officer's salary would buy the type of opportunities and lifestyle that he wanted for Jackson.

Tyisha wasn't surprised when Jack got on his knees one afternoon.

She had picked out the ring when they were shopping one day. Nothing big and gaudy, but the highest quality diamond Jack could afford.

Tyisha and Jack's wedding is planned for summer 2022.

Henry and Rosemarie decide to move to the same neighborhood as Henry's sister, Elphy, so the cousins could play together in the afternoons. Adding just one more teacher to "Teacher's Row".

Harris was showering Jasmine with plenty of attention. He was running out of money due to Emma's increasing demands and he wasn't sure how much longer he could keep going to Alphonso and his family for funds.

He didn't want his family destroyed, but as each day passed he felt more and more pressed into a corner.

Aaron Sweeny was enjoying his apartment, which happened to be next door to his sister, Simora.

While she entertained several sims,

he was becoming more serious about one sim in particular.


  1. The "Teacher's Row," looks so quaint! Are they apartments? Congrats to Jack & Tyisha, and I'm glad her ex has such a positive attitude towards the changes. Simora does look busy, and who is Aaron with?

  2. Teacher's Row! I used to have Patience and Rob living in the one-lot version of that, back in Sullivan 1.0.

    Excited to see Jack and Tyisha take this next step of marriage!


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