Monday, March 12, 2018


After weeks of attempting to play in the midst of random crashing, I've been forced to revert to a back-up copy of my game.

Good news, I had previously played ahead and I have photographic proof, so I am working on updating the blog with those stories.

Bad news, my back-up copy is over a simyear old in terms of play-time and rounds. Which means a lot of the pregnancies that were yet to come may not happen again. That's ok, since you didn't know about them yet, but it does significantly rewrite a few simmies history.

I might share those stories as a little BTS updates, so you can know all about the children that Amanda, Ashlee, Lara, etc might have had and get to wonder about the circumstances behind those pregnancies-because they were not all unplanned.

Just thought I would share why the updates are a bit sparse lately. Hopefully I can get out some stories and updates quickly.

Thanks for your patience and continued support


  1. good luck. My rebuild has started crashing constantly as well. Changing compatibility seems to help, but it's still not there. I'm spending my freetime screwing around with this crap... good luck with your rebuild.

  2. Aw, I'm sorry it's come to this. I hope you get everything roughly back the way you had it before. :( It's such a pain when we have to spend play time just trying to make the game work as it should.

  3. So sorry to hear this! :( I totally understand and sympathise. Good luck starting over... and yes, the BTS update sounds like a good idea, I've had to retcon several times myself.

    Just don't rush things. We'll all be here when you get your hood back on track!

  4. Bummer. I hope it won't be too much hassle to get it all sorted out.

  5. Thanks everyone
    I've now found that the backup is also doing a lot of crashing so now I'm doing a total rebuild.

  6. That makes two of us.

    Have you checked for dodgy CC at all? That's what killed old KS.

  7. That sucks, it can really kill my wish to play Sims 2 when I have to wade through tutorials and vids just to get my game back into a playing state. I hope you sort it out soon!


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