Monday, March 19, 2018

Hood Council Agenda-Midterm Election Cycle-2022

It's midterm election cycle, so the hood council is putting forth memos about that status of our agendas.

S'Ahmisa Warwick, Hood Council President Agenda 2020-2024
  • Coordinate the Hood Council's work - due to corruption of vital hood files, the hood council is working overtime to restore the files for the neighborhood. This involves a lot of rebuilding and collecting data on residents and buildings to restore the files. This is the current priority of the hood council to restore operations to normal status
  • Coordinate county council meetings - currently well
  • Official spokesim for the hood - currently well
  • Manage foreign alliances- currently well
  • Enforce laws and immigration/emigration - laws need to be revisited 
  • Oversee administrative business lots - currently well

Ginger Grey, Community Director Agenda 2020-2024

  • Secure family values, uphold rights for children and elders - currently well
  • Ensure a family friendly and healthy community for current & future generations - Currently well
  • Ensure adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, & social meeting places. Evaluating the number of suburban entertainment options due to resident complaints.
  • Ensure a quality education system for residents - the curriculum needs to be updated, the Education Director has been asked to put forth a new proposal for an updated curriculum addressing the needs of the community and possible post-secondary school options for students. This will ensure that students are adequately prepared for higher education, technical education or the workforce. 

Ming Wuu, Financial Director Agenda 2020-2024

  • Oversee hood finances - currently well, the hood economy is recovering
  • Implement taxes and welfare support - taxes are collected every other simyear with the last collection being 2020. New Social Services building constructed to establish a central location for residents to apply for welfare support. 
  • Coordinate local trades and import based on needs of the community - a new system for processing imports has decreased the time of loading. Imports will continue to be evaluated for possible divesting.
  • Oversee local businesses and associated laws - Tax incentive and grant to increase the number of locally owned businesses, especially those with multiple employees to help with economic recovery approved. Residents receive $5000 grant if hire one local employee and $7500 grant if hire two local employees.
  • Collect taxes and fees from residents -taxes are collected every other simyear with the last collection being 2022. 
  • Manage the local real estates including construction of new homes, remodeling of homes and destruction of homes Mortgages now require a 20% down payment to curb risky loans and reduce the default rate. 


  1. I see Apple Valley has it's own Dodd Frank regulations-- to curb risky loans! The idea of grants to stimulate resident-owned business sounds great. I hope that the rebuilding of lots and data goes smoothly from here.

  2. Hope the hood council manages to get those files in order!

    This reminds me that I have to start collecting taxes again. I haven't done it since my rebuild, because it just wasn't a priority. But I want to start it up again and fund my projects properly.

  3. Good luck with your rebuild! I always like seeing your hood council notes!


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