Monday, March 26, 2018

Never a Question, 2022

Lovar, spring, 2022
Laci McMillian is 23, Veronika Kent is 23, Zhou Park is 23

Zhou had finally finished his teaching commitment and was released from his contractual obligation. There was never a question of Zhou returning to Apple Valley. His family was there and the love of his life was there.

 It was also never a question that Zhou and Laci would get engaged. It was just a matter of timing.

So when Zhou rented out a theater and crafted a homemade movie explaining how much Laci meant to him, 

it was never a question of what her answer would be.

They had a small celebration dinner with Veronika at home and made plans to have both sets of family members interact one day soon. Zhou wasn't quite looking forward to that. His mother had always doted on him, the eldest of three boys, and in her eyes there wasn't a woman alive that was good enough for her precious son. 

Thankfully his dad had promised to try and buffer his mother's sometimes rude tactics. Laci was unaware of Zhou's worries, as she had worries of her own. Due to the excitement of the engagement, she didn't study enough for her exam. When she got the results back, she found out that she would have to retake the exam and pay the examination fee again! Thankfully the second time she did much better. 


  1. Yay! Another wedding on the horizon. They are so cute together. I hope they have children.

    Uh oh, I hope Laci won't have MiL problems for the rest of her life, but it looks like there's going to be some drama for now.

  2. Aww, Zhou is so sweet! Romance tends to go right over my head but I actually needed a tissue for that proposal :)

    I wish him and Laci all the best for their future and as little family drama as possible!

  3. Aww, can't wait for the wedding! I was expecting this at some point but wasn't sure when it would happen. :)

    Glad Laci passed her exam the second time around!

  4. Aww, great proposal for Zhou and Laci! These two are adorable! I hope that his Mom will grow to like and appreciate Laci! I never understand those kinds of mil's.


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