Monday, April 2, 2018

Stories that Never Were: Veronika moves out

With the restart of my game, I'm choosing not to recreate a few events for various reasons. However, since I have photographic evidence of such events, I decided that I would share them.

In this story that never was, Veronika moved out of her cousin, Laci's home and into a work/live space of her own. She had an art gallery on the first floor and her small living space was on the upper two floors.

Work/Live Units Available Here


  1. This looks like the perfect place for Veronika.

    Now I am itching to have a sim move to one of these work/live units and start a home business.

    Veronika's hair is killer! Love it.

  2. What a super cool loft! I'm glad you've got the lot saved!

  3. I'm about to start an "alternate universe" Kulo Seeri spinoff save myself, so it's actually very inspiring reading your story that never was! I wonder what Veronika will do with her life after the rebuild?

    By the way, I love the bird desk in the first picture! :)

  4. Very cool place for her to live! It's funny that you have an alternate universe so to speak!

  5. I'm confident that whatever you chose not to recreate was for the best, story-wise. It's cool that you still have photos of the first version of events!


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