Monday, April 23, 2018

Figure Things Out, 2022

Patar, summer, 2022

News that Veena's grandfather's estate had released her and her parent's inheritance was not quite as welcomed news as she hoped it would be.

Naraj was furious when the lawyer read the details of the will to the family

The full amount of the inheritance...released upon the birth of a child...said child will be the biological great-grandchild of the deceased...else the parties accept forfeiture of the full inheritance. 

Was this the only reason why you wanted to get married? What about the twins? Was that why you were in a hurry to have have our children? For simoleans!? Is that our price to you? §30,000!?!?

Veena could physically feel the pain that his disgusted words hurled at her.

Does any of this mean anything to you? 

She cried and pleaded. Of course it meant something, her little family was very important to her. She didn't think that he would be hurt over it. The inheritance was just an added bonus after meeting him.

Naraj didn't see it that way, he needed time and space to think.  He would be sleeping next door on his sister's couch until he could figure things out. 

Veena's parents were helping out in the evening with the twins and Naraj would visit to say goodnight to his children.

Give him time, they said. Things will work out.

She wasn't so sure that was true.


  1. You are really good at making me reach for the tissues, in the best possible way. I really loved Veena and Naraj together and I must say I feel really bad for both of them, I can see what it must look like from both sides. Hopefully Naraj will come round and they can work things out.

  2. Oh, no! I don't blame Naraj for thinking he was used for a sperm-donor upon hearing the conditions of the will.

    He's a very smart guy so I hope he soon realizes that Veena really loves him and he loves her.

    And to be blunt, 30,000 simoleans isn't a big enough jackpot IMO for someone to marry and have kids with someone she doesn't really love. It could be an incentive to marry the one you love and start a family earlier rather than later.

  3. Oh, I hope they can work things out. :( I don't see Veena as the type of person who would marry someone purely for money. Hopefully Naraj will see that soon.

  4. Oh man, I hope that these two work things out. They are adorable together, and I really enjoy their love story/relationship. I can understand why Naraj might be taken aback, but hopefully he can tell that they've built something in their relationship that is genuine.


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