Monday, April 16, 2018

Bringing Home Baby, Patar 2022

Patar, summer, 2022

Lainey has officially taken an early maternity leave. The babies were doing fine and she was able to avoid total bedrest. She was taking it easy and being cautious, but the parents to be couldn't help but be excited especially when Esperanza was so excited about becoming a big sister.

Annie's recent check-up was devastating to say the least. Instead, Erricson and her mother had to pick her up from the hospital as she sobbed. Her mother was the one to comfort her the most, she had lost a baby too, Annie's little brother, Gregory.

Celebrating their 1st birthdays are

Lawrence Brown

Archie and Sadie Grey

Lina Wilsonoff-Shazad

Vinesha and Ramin Shazad

Celebrating their 5th birthdays are

Alessia and Marcelino Pentragnani

Jana Wilsonoff-Shazad

Terilyn and

Elsa Warwick-Cunningham

Quinn Royce

Celebrating their 12th birthdays are

Isabella Pentragnani

Palila Wren

and Albert Frankson

Celebrating their 60th birthdays are

Gretchen Humprey

Sandy Warwick


  1. Aww... poor Annie, that doesn't sound good at all. I hope she will be ok. Losing a baby is something no one deserves to go through. :(

    I hope Lainey's pregnancy goes well this time. Will Esperanza still be as excited when there are at least two simlets getting all the attention?

  2. All the new toddlers are so flippin' cute!

    Wow, Sandy Warwick is an elder now! I remember when she first came to Apple Valley and had atrocious spelling and grammar. IIRC, she and Jadhira were new arrivals at the same time.

    Poor Annie! Was it an ROS that brought on her miscarriage?

  3. Poor Annie. :( That's awful. I'm glad she has some support - it's going to be a difficult time for her.

    Palila has the best features of both her parents - great gene mixing there!

  4. That's sad for Annie. I hope things continue to go well for Lainey with this pregnancy.

    Lots of adorable ageups!


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