Monday, October 25, 2010

Anything Down, 2006

Havar, fall, 2006
Faith is 21, Olivia is 1 simlonic month

Dear Susie,

I'm glad to hear that you made it to Los Lagos safely with the rest of the dance crew. I hope you get over your seasickness soon though and are soon able to eat again. I bet it was really sucky not being able to keep anything down.

Things are going well here. The hood has been doing an urban renewal initiative here and my apartment was on the list. You should see it now. It's like a new apartment complex...well, that's cause it is. The complex used to process fabric dye, but you can hardly tell that now. I hope that I'll be able to continue to afford this place, there's been talk about rent increasing thanks to the recent renovations and on going interior renovations.

Olivia and I moved in without much fuss, mom, dad, Walt and Anthony helped us move in.

You can tell Anthony that he doesn't need to call each simweek to check on me. However, I have a feeling that you told him to do that. I appreciate it, I really do, but don't worry I will call if I ever need anything.

Walt lives in the apartment on the lower level, I don't know why he even signed the lease on his place, though.

He spends most of the time in my apartment helping with Olivia,

chatting about our limited funds,

or just hanging out with me.

My days have gotten pretty routine now. I usually spend the mornings feeding and nursing Olivia in the kitchen.

Thankfully we have a nice view of the pier so I can distract myself with the boats as I rock Olivia to sleep.

Once I have her settled down, I make myself a meal-usually a processed meat sandwich

and once again stare at the nice view.

It helps me to think about my next move. I know that I can't keep up with my DJ job much longer. I make more each night than I did working at the SiMusic Records Store, but the hours are worse. I work nights and so does Walt, so I often have to ask mom or dad to care for Olivia during the night and I hate asking them to do that considering their own work schedules.

I invited Walt over for dinner, you know that cooking isn't my talent, so I made a simple cheese pasta.

Over cheesy macaroni, I asked him to move in with Olivia and I. It just wasn't making much sense for us to struggle with our rent payments and we spend most of our time together anyway.

He agreed, I shouldn't have worried since he had been hinting at getting married a while ago, hmmm, I haven't heard him speak about it lately...I wonder if he gave up on the idea.

Besides finances there was another reason I asked Walt to move in with me.

I had been sick to the stomach lately, barely able to keep anything down.

I took a test, and it's positive. I'm going to be a mother again. I don't know when exactly it happened, but next spring you'll be an auntie again.

I miss you and can't wait to see you again soon.

Baby Humphrey is due Patar 2007.


  1. Wow Faith is going to be a mom again already?! She's moving fast lol. I'm glad she and Walt are still doing well and things should be a bit easier now that he's staying with her.

  2. Ha! I knew it! I knew she'd get knocked up again, but that's was fast. She hasn't even gotten out of her six weeks of post partum. I knew a woman like that for real. She went for her 6 week check up, and the ob told her and her hubby they were expecting again. She nearly passed out, but he was thrilled. Figures. ROFL

  3. Oh, gosh, knocked up again!?! This is going to be such a struggle for Faith and Walt, considering they're finding it hard enough with just Olivia.

    I'm glad they seem to be doing well as a couple though.

  4. Faith moves fast. I wonder how this will affect Walt and Faith's relationship having to ccare for two babies so close together.

  5. -Mizzgin03, yep Faith tends to jump into things headfirst and thinks later, though this second pregnancy wasn't her idea.

    -Riverdale, I don't know what I'd do, I'd probably hit him if he cheered during the exam, goodness gracious.

    -Carla, yep. Not my idea either. Faith isn't allowed BC and those two are always hopping in the bed, combined with Walt's family sim tendencies, I'm on edge that this might be a pattern for them from now on.

    -Chocobeans, I have no clue how Walt and Faith will fare. Walt has been acting like a family sim and desiring more children, on the other hand Faith doesn't have time to cope with the news since she has a little one to tend to. They can't afford their apartment anymore, besides, they need a bit more space now.

  6. OOOO Faith and Walt need to get it together and have a talk about safe sex when they're already struggling. I wonder how they're going to work this out.

  7. Heredon Cove, I don't know either. They're both bringing in so little and Faith's parents can't help too much.

  8. Oh man, another baby! I hope that things go easier now that they are living together. AND WOW her view is amazing! I really like their apartment, cramped, first-time-homes are my favorite.

  9. -Maisie, thanks her view is pretty nice, a bit too nice, but that's another story.


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