Thursday, October 21, 2010

Financial Director Note: County Council Plans 2005-2009

S'Ahmisa Warwick

I am serving for the remainder of the 2005-2009 term and am submitting my plans for the term based on the responsibilities of the Financial Director.

  • Oversee hood finances
    -Taxes will be seperated into funds based on the proposals from the fund managers.

    --General Fund managed by the County President
    This fund will cover expenses for foreign alliances, council administration, immigration/emigration, Starr Grey Administration Building, and Memorial Church.
    --Economic Development Fund managed by the Financial Director
    This fund will cover expenses for local trades and stores, home businesses, imports.
    --Community Development Fund managed by the Community Director
    This fund will cover expenses for culture, focal farming & fishing, general beautifying (plants, landscape, community lots)
    --Education Fund managed by the Education Director
    This fund will cover expenses for the administration of Apple Valley Academy & Byrant A Pierce University.
    --Security Fund managed by the Security Director
    This fund will cover expenses for local infrastructure, security, military & justice
    --Public Health Fund managed by the Medical Centre Director
    This fund will cover expenses for the adminstration of the Veronika Kent Medical Centre
    --Archives/Technology Fund managed by the Archives/Technology Officer
    This fund will cover expenses for the community library and archives, press relations, website, electronic infrastructure

    -Assess networths every two simyears. Next assessment is in 2007
  • Implement taxes and welfare support
    -Taxes are now collected each simyear in the summer time
    -Revisit welfare support benefits
  • Coordinate local trades and import based on needs of the community-Import policy needs tweaking. Suggest that the county limits its imports and cleanup existing imports. My research has indicated that only about 56% of imports are being used. Others are simply lying in waste because they are poorly made duplicates or residents to not require certain import items that come in a set.
  • Oversee local businesses and associated laws
    -Create a tax break for new business owners to increase the number of local businesses.
    -Create a tax break for businesses with a rank higher than 5 to encourage long term business growth.
  • Collect taxes and fees from residents-Taxes are now collected each simyear in the summer time
  • Manage the local real estates including construction of new homes, remodeling of homes and destruction of homes
    -The current City Planner, Li Yoo, serves in this role.
    -Ensure that there are multiple price points for housing.
    -Start working on a plan for increasing the number of single family dwellings as the population ages and require more room than available in apartments in the metro.
  • Serve as bank manager
    -Eventually would like to hire a sim for this position and increase the number of options from the local bannk branch or outsouce this service.


  1. I do tax breaks for businesses too. It seems to work well. Do your Sims pay taxes on what they earn from their businesses? I confess that I've been too lazy to implement that!

  2. Carla, I should make them pay on what they earn. Right now, they pay a set tax fee-$5000 for each business they own. Since it's a yearly tax, it can be a bit much to handle for some business owners. The tax break would basically reduce the taxes for businesses-maybe something like 10% the first year, followed by the rank tax break of 20% for ranks of 5 or higher. I'll have to write up a new tax post once the hood council gets it all worked out within the next 4 simyears.

    In fact, S'Ahmisa is thinking about redoing the entire tax structure and even adding a local stock market, but I told her that it better be simple and easy and have very little collection of numbers involved-otherwise I'm not doing it :P


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