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Very Hard, Part 1, 2006

Havar, fall, 2006
Emma Seavey is a senior, Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavor are juniors, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are sophomores.

S'Ahmisa welcomed new roommate this fall. Ming Wuu was from Kimikura and played on the soccer team with S'Ahmisa. Almost instantaneously, S'Ahmisa and Ming were joined at the hip.

When S'Ahmisa wasn't practicing for the team

or attending debate classes,

the two women could be found playing catch nightly,

studying together, practicing on the team together and of course sharing the same room.

S'Ahmisa finally was able to experience having a great girlfriend...that wasn't her sister. Not that there was anything wrong with her friendship with Si'Enya, but sometimes she wished she could chat with a sim closer to her age that wasn't related to her.

Friendship was something that she needed lately as all of a sudden all her former relationships didn't have time for her. Her mother was busy with the new bookstore and enjoying her own group of friends, Verde was wrapped up in Lainey and Rashid...

They didn't speak for about two simweeks before she called him at his dorm just to chat. He was busy of course, about to go out with some female, but they did chat later. In fact, they chat nightly at 7pm. She missed him more than she wanted to think, so she preferred not to think about it.

"How did your ice-cream date go?" she asked leaning over to set up her shot.

"It was very nice, he gave me a tour of the metro afterwards, but of course he didn't know that much in fact-"

Ming's thoughts were cut short as a very enthusiastic student ran through the lounge screaming "Pierce is the best!"

" students normally run around without clothing?"

S'Ahmisa giggled, "Not normally this early."


Benjamin was another student who was benefiting from Ming's arrival. He couldn't help but be distracted by her dark eyes and creamy skin.

He tried to focus on his classes and working with Julio.

Julio had asked him to help with the youth fitness program, apparently the thought of

working out with the star of the university basketball team

was more inticing to some youth than simply taking jogs around the neighborhood.
However after his classes and workout sessions, Benjamin would always find Ming and share the evening with her. It was a bonus that they both shared a passion for sports.

He was more attracted to her than S'Ahmisa. To be honest, he didn't really have anything going on with S'Ahmisa. They kissed a bit last simyear, but nothing more than that. Benjamin was trying to be a bit more careful since he discovered that he was a father, but Ming was making it very hard for him to do.

They were not a couple, but Benjamin enjoyed taking her out on dates and flirting with her.

Yes, did he ever enjoy flirting with her.

He also enjoyed breakfasts in their pajamas, the perfect ending

to a perfect night.


Verde was also expanding his friendship circle. This semester, he was hanging out a lot more with Benjamin.

Though he made plenty of time for his girlfriend, Lainey.

Their favorite spot was the pub where they could have a few glasses of juicy sangria after a rough day of training,

chat about school or the results from the game last night.

Lainey had already met the family and

she and Verde made use of his room and double bed.

He wasn't ready to propose yet, but between the hints from his father and Lainey,

Verde knew that he better decide on a ring quickly.


  1. Oh, wow! Verde's thinking of proposing! I hope he sticks with his plan and waits until he's ready. The last thing he needs is to rush into this.

    Benjamin and Ming are cute together and it's great that Ming can fill a void for S'Ahmisa too. Sometimes you need a good girlfriend.

  2. It's always great to have girlfriends besides your sister. Everyone needs a new perspective from time to time.

    Hmm, Benjamin needs to keep him head on around Ming. He doesn't want to end up a father of two.

  3. I agree, Benjamin needs to be careful! But I'm glad that S'Ahmisa has found a new friend she can talk to.

    And wow, Verde might propose! I hope he does it when he feels ready and not because everyone else is pressuring him to.

  4. Carla, Benjamin and Ming happened on their own which was nice considering that Benjamin was looking for a new female to drape across his arm.

    Heredon Cove, S'Ahmisa was definately lacking in the friend department, but it makes sense considering the population-or lack of-in Apple Valley.

    Shana, I haven't decided about Verde, he hasn't rolled an engagement want but Lainey and his father have. Sometimes proposals happen because of pressure-not because they want to propose at that time, but because they don't want to miss out on a good thing.

  5. Verde, should diffenetly try to resist the pressure. Especially if he is not sure. On the other hand I could see him ending up with Lainey no matter what. They just seem right together.

    Like HC said, Benjamin needs to be careful with Ming or he will end up a father of two. I think Ming is a smart girl and hopefully will be taking precautions.


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