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Recess Duty, 2006

Havar, fall, 2006

Principal: Johan Shazad; Primary Teacher K-3: Jasmine Frankson; Primary Teacher 4-6: Ilila Peterson; Secondary Teacher: Jesse Kent

Secondary Students: Harriet and Henry Mendenhall are in 11th grade; Rosemarie Green and Erricson Frankson are in 9th grade; Si'Enya Warwick and Rojo Herendez are in 8th grade; Elphy Mendenhall is in 7th grade;

Primary Students:  Myra Shazad, Naraj Shazad, Grace Elise Dawson, Bryant Grey, and Annie Grey are in 6th grade; Abel Wilsonoff Amanda Wilsonoff and Serendipity Herendez are in 5th grade; Rex Mendenhall is in 4th grade; Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in 3rd grade; Aaron Sweeny, and Simora Sweeny are in 2nd grade

The fall semester brought the introduction to the new school. It went with little fanfare, no fancy speeches or ceremonies, simply the arrival of the students to start another year but in a much nicer location. Johan had other things to think about, such as what to do with the rising population of students. He knew that next simyear the school would need an additional secondary teacher thanks to the huge bump in enrollment. Thankfully he knew just who he wanted and had already extended a job offer. Krissy Thorn would be an excellant teacher and already his teaching peers in Kimikura were singing her praises.

In Mr. Kent's class, the current crop of secondary students were hard at work presenting their simmish history papers.

They had spent weeks researching in the library

or just plain goofing off.

Si'Enya was presenting today, but few students were actually paying attention.

Instead they were sneaking looks at Trevor Yates, singer from Aerial Bionic. Si'Enya nervously smiled at him during her presentation, his presence was calming to the young teen. Just seeing him sitting in her seat and smiling his encouraging smile was enough to help her get through the dreaded presentation.

Si'Enya's presentation was followed by lunch. Usually she would sit at the table with the other students, but there wasn't enough room for Trevor, so they snagged an empty table nearby.

"Thanks for coming today," she whispered spooning the cheesy pasta into her mouth while trying to ignore the stares from the other students. She was still receiving requests to visit her house to see the new tenant, but for the most part the students had stop pestering her.

"Not a problem. We'd practiced so much on that presentation that I felt like it was my assignment as well."

Si'Enya giggled. It was true, Trevor helped her practice for today and his advice was amazing. Considering that he was actually a very shy sim, he had great suggestions for overcoming stage fright.

"So have you seen S'Ahmisa lately?" Si'Enya asked. She hadn't seen her sister come to the house as much and S'Ahmisa was quieter than usual when the family did get together. Usually S'Ahmisa guided the conversation especially around those who knew her well. Yes, her sister was shy, but like Trevor, she managed to get over it for her political duties.

"Um, no. Should I have?"

"Aren't you two seeing each other?"

"Why would you think that?"

Si'Enya thought back to when she had to drag her sister from the man's basement apartment and how afterwards S'Ahmisa gushed about the kiss that they shared.

"No reason," she said shrugging.

"No offense, but S'Ahmisa isn't really my type."

"Really? I think I'm going to faint."


"S'Ahmisa is every sim's type!" Si'Enya said putting her dish away. "All the guys I know love S'Ahmisa, she's like this magnet for sims-males and females."

"Well, not every sim is attracted to her, you know."

Si'Enya couldn't help but laugh. "I guess so...maybe one day I'll have sims falling over me. Ha! Who am I kidding, that won't ever happen."

"Be patient, Si'Enya. One day your love will come."

Si'Enya rolled her eyes. "Yea, ok. That stuff is for fairy tales, Trevor."

Trevor watched as she walked into the school yard to join the rest of her class. He wanted to comfort her and assure her that she was beautiful and worth more than all the blue diamonds in the simworld. He wanted to assure her that she was very much loveable. He took a deep breath.

Four more simyears, he thought to himself . Four more simyears and she'll be legal and you'll have your own place.

Until then, all he could do was be her friend.

Si'Enya tried not to be bitter as she tended to the small garden in the school yard. It wasn't S'Ahmisa's fault that she was the cuter, more ambitious sister.

It wasn't Harriet's fault that Erricson found her more attractive than Si'Enya, even with her brightly dyed purple hair.

It wasn't Rojo's fault when she attempted to rub his shoulders that he turned to her and asked if she was ok.

No, Si'Enya convinced herself, it was just her. She was the problem, the kooky girl who liked insects and dirt.
Bradford McMillian wondered what else he could tell the group of teens in front of him about being a lawyer. He needed to think of something, he was still responsible for them for the next hour.

"Any questions?"

"You sure you guys don't catch the bad guys as well. That's how it is on TV."

"Umm, no. TV is very different from how a law firm works."

Li Yoo was having a better time entertaining her group of students, her trio sat entranced at her every word. She had already reviewed what subjects were important for them to study while in school and university, but she was anxious to get back to her work.

"Would you guys like to see me in action?" she asked, hoping to kill two llamas with one boulder.

Ms. Frankson's class still looked the same as she lead a discussion on the appropiate rules of music class...again. After last simweeks tuba incident, Jasmine decided that perhaps the class needed to refresh themselves with the rules. Jasmine and Ilila had agreed that Rex would stay in Jasmine's classroom that year as Ilila's classroom was bursting at the seams with the 6th graders.

Rex didn't seem to mind, he had more friends here than across the hall.

Today the lower primary students had library time and Aaron, Laci and Veronika crowded one bank of computers as they practiced their typing skills.

Jasmine watched as the other trio grabbed books and a seat on the long couch as they looked up information about their animal ecosystem projects.

Soon it was lunch time, which couldn't come soon enough for the youngsters. Nicole Humphrey and Benjamin Endeavor had arrived to help with the lunch rush.

Thankfully, most of the primary students knew exactly what was expected of them. They valued recess too much.

Ilila valued recess as well, but not when she had recess duty. She tried not to think about the fact that they were still not pregnant. Dr. McMillian said to give it a few more simlonic months, but Ilila and Brandon both wanted a child so badly.

Instead she watched as Veronika made yet another friend in Rex

and cousins Grace Elise and Amanda hogged the monkey bars.

At first, Ilila didn't notice that the two girls looked so much alike with matching bright green eyes, dubbed the "Herendez eyes" by locals and curly black hair. It made sense considering that thier fathers are identical twins.

Thankfully, recess was soon over and Ilila was able to shuttle her students to their respective classes. Today was the upper primary students day for specials.

Benjamin lead a group in fitness drills.

This fall he was sponsering a field day for the primary students and as a result the students were more motivated to participate in their drills.

Antonio lead a another group in art instruction. He was just thankful that this time most of the paint stayed on the canvas unlike when he taught the lower primary students.

One could hear the "music" coming from Ms. Humphrey's class while still in the hall.

Unfortunately, Nicole had to hear the "music" up close and personal.

It was with great joy that she lead her group upstairs to their classroom to end the day.

"Remember, your projects on science and magic are due soon. There will be no extensions, so don't forget." She announced as the final bell rang. Once the students were gone, she grabbed Jasmine and they walk/ran to the nearest pub for a much needed juice cocktail.


  1. The new school looks great! I like the teachers' pictures outside of their classrooms.

    That was really sweet of Trevor to come for Si'Enya's presentation. Aw, I wish we could magically grow Si'Enya up and let her find love. Well, technically we could since it's a game, but it wouldn't fit the story! ;) I like that Trevor isn't trying to push things while she's still so young and is instead being her friend and keeping his feelings for her secret.

    I love seeing the little kids playing together on the playground. I hope that Ilila can get pregnant soon. And lol, poor Nicole! My Carol knows exactly how she feels, she gets to listen to the "music" from the little kids too. ;)

  2. I think all of my teachers could relate to Nicole in that music room! I can relate to it myself sometimes. ;)

    I love the brief mention of "the tuba incident". LOL, it's fun to imagine what that might have been!

    Poor Si'Enya. She is at such a sucky age right now. I hope Trevor can be a good friend to her for now. I do wonder if he'll even be interested in four years time though. That's a long time to wait. Si'Enya may also have moved on by then. That'll be very interesting to watch develop!

  3. I like the new school. That music room scene looks scary. There is nothing worse than a bunch of students screeching away at instruments.

  4. LOL @ the 'music'- looks painful! The new school looks great, and I'm very impressed with the first picture of everyone together. I don't know how people manage to pose that many sims together... it would drive me crazy I think!

  5. Grace and Amanda do look a like. I like the photos of all the kids playing.

    I feel sad for Si'Enya, and hope in a few years things would work out with Trevor, cause he's pretty good looking.

    Nicole definetly looks like she's not enjoying herself! I can just imagine how awful it sounds.

    Poor Ilila, I feel sad for her that she still hasn't got pregnant.

  6. Looks like you really have your hand full with all those students. It also looks like you've done a great job! Can't wiat for the next update.

  7. -Shana, thanks. I think there might be a lot tour at N99, if not, the BTS blog will be a lot tour and download before Nov 15. It's a big lot either 2x2 or 3x3. I sometimes wish we could as well, right now all of Si'Enya's family and friends want her to go to college, so I'm playing around with the idea of having her go to university early since she is pretty smart, but I have to think about it some more.

    -Carla, I thought you'd get a kick out of the "tuba incident". I agree four years is a long time to wait, let's see how much longer ACR will hold out for these two.

    -Heredon Cove, when Nicole teaches music class, it makes me thankful that I play with the sound off.

    -Blackcat, the pose for the photo wasn't that hard, just make sure freewill is OFF :P

    -Maisie, thanks. Those kids are very active, it's crazy having them run all around. If Ilila and Brandon are not pregnant by next simyear, we'll move onto other measures, but if you notice in their profiles...we'll be moving onto other measures anyway.

    -Riverdale, thanks. I plan on adding more townies to the mix since every student is just about related to the other students as well.

  8. Your school looks amazing. I have a working school in my neighborhood (thanks JadeEliott) and love to see how other people play their schools. I'm looking for a bigger school myself.


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