Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bit Suspect, 2011

Resar, fall, 2011

Tyisha Masters is a junior, Si'Enya Warwick is a sophomore

Si'Enya was happy that Elphy was starting this year at Pierce University. The dorm was a bit emptier without her other friend, Rosemarie around.

Elphy seemed to catch Erricson's eye, which Si'Enya found amusing considering that they met during a campus party.

It didn't take long for them to become inseparable,

and the latest couple in the dorm.

Elphy could be found spending hours in Erricson's room.

Apparently they also came out of the room sometimes,

though the reasons were a bit suspect and involved the photo booth, at least according to the gossip around the dorm.
Tyisha was often found working on her figure, she didn't want to lose weight, but she needed to keep her curves intact.
Her guy of the moment, Alan, seemed to appreciate it very much as well.
She also was working on painting some fabric designs and dreaming about her senior project. She needed to do a fashion show and she was trying to work through it in her head.
"So I've been asked to join this gaming competition."
"That's great," she said toying with her jeans. She adored her friend, honestly she did, but sometimes he didn't get the clue. It was Friday evening and she needed to get ready to prowl the town.
"I don't think S'Ahmisa would like it."
"So what?"
"Well...I don't know..."
"Whatever, you said the grand prize was what, a few hundred simolean and some trophy or something like that?"
"'s a big honor to be asked to join the competition, I don't know how I would feel if I won."
"I think you should do it. You've talked about doing the competition since we were kids, this is pretty important to you."
"You're probably right."
"Of course, darling. I'm always right."


  1. Geez he is really bugging me! You do not go to another girl to talk about this stuff! He needs to talk to S'Ahmisa, he's not even giving her a chance to have an opinion on this since he hasn't told her. She deserves better. He's too immature for her, and I'm not saying it because of the games, that has nothing to do with it. He just is a child, going to Tyisha about things, and just portraying S'Ahmisa as some out of control, controlling monster! Oh poor him! Grr

  2. Maisie, I thought he would bug a few people since he seems to turn to Tyisha a lot, but they are best friends since they were kids and they have a deeper relationship and he's more comfortable with her-though he's starting to annoy her as well :P she doesn't like hearing about S'Ahmisa all the time! LOL! Thanks for reading.

  3. How does he know what she will or won't like if he never talks to her?! He is starting down a very slippery slope that could end up leading to all kinds of issues. My best friend is a guy and we've been friends since we were 5, but when I'm in a relationship (as rare as that is lol), I talk my issues out with that person. Now if they react badly or whatever, I may call him to vent. But he is just bypassing S'Ahmisa all together!

  4. Oh boy. S'Ahmisa might just surprise him and be more understanding than he's giving her credit for. I wonder how much longer he thinks he might be able to get away with, this sneaking off and talking to Tyisha thing.

  5. Ha, "bit suspect" indeed!

    Yeah, I agree with Maisie and Mizzgin! I would definitely not blame S'Ahmisa one bit if she found out about Rashid confiding in Tyisha and was absolutely fuming about it. I'm not saying men and women can't be friends and can't confide in each other. But Tyisha has made her intentions pretty clear and that should have been a red flag for Rashid to back off and put some distance between them.

    If he wants to keep this thing with S'Ahmisa going, that is. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he's moving down this path because he's hoping it will make S'Ahmisa end things and take the decision out of his hands.

  6. Mizzgin, yes, couples do need to discuss things with each other and not to others outside the relationship. I wish I could say that both Rashid and S'Ahmisa follow this advice, unfortunately Rashid has Tyisha to confide to and S'Ahmisa has others to confide to as well. Thanks for reading.

    Choco, you could be right about S'Ahmisa being understanding, however she hasn't been too understanding lately. We'll get to see her side of things soon, thanks for reading.

    Carla, S'Ahmisa knows that Rashid talks to Tyisha a lot, but then again, the only reason she isn't talking to her ex-boyfriend, Verde, as much is due to Lainey, so she feels like it would be irrational to be so upset. I don't think Rashid has been noticing the red flags and I don't think S'Ahmisa has been noticing the red flags in their relationship as well, they are long overdue for a talk...if S'Ahmisa can ever make the time in bewteen her campaign to talk. Thanks for reading.


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