Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preferred Dinners, 2011

Havar, fall, 2011
Julio is 44, Rebecca is 41, Abel and Amanda are 15, Ana Rayne is 6; (Myra Shazad is 16; Jorge Dawson is 44)

They had asked him to talk to his brother. It was getting out of hand.

The drinking was now obvious and Jorge didn't care to hide it anymore. Closets were littered with empty bottles and he spent most of his hours at home passed out on the couch.

"There are better ways to deal with it, mi hermano."

"Jdete, your daughters are still alive."

"Yes, they are and I thank God for that everyday and spend as much time with them as possible. You, cabrn, also have four young children at home and they need their papi back, not some useless pound of flesh reeking of alcohol on the couch."

Jorge clenched his fists, he wished that he had a nice cool glass of malted nectar.

"I need to go," he said gruffly.

"Hermano, when you’re holding onto something, you’re less open to giving and receiving anything else. That includes the love that is already surrounding you."

Jorge clenched his fists again, "So I should forget about her?"

"No, but you have to let go of the guilt."

Jorge's head snapped up. How could he know?

"Mi hermano," Julio said grabbing his brother in a hug. "We love you, your family loves you. We all want what's best for you ok?"

Jorge nodded and then stalked out the door.

Rebecca slowly got out of bed, it was early and she had a lot to do at the toy shoppe.

Recently they decided to downsize the shop and removed the additional floors and inventory. No more baby items, only hand crafted toys would be for sale.

Business didn't slow down as a result, which was great

and Myra was employed part-time to craft robots.

Rebecca liked the young girl and she knew that she would be around for a long time.

She didn't mind since Myra also loved to try out new recipes and would often bring freshly caught fish and prepare it for dinner.

For some reason, Myra preferred dinners at the Wilsonoff house.

She told Abel that it was because his family didn't talk nerdy all the time.

He knew what she meant since he had a few dinners at the Shazad home

and one could only take so much of the mating rituals of llamas, or the newest microbiological vaccine that was discovered.


  1. This was such a good update! I feel so bad for Jorge, I hope he can find his way through his grief!

    On a completely different note, can I just say that I laughed out loud at "and one could only take so much of the mating rituals of llamas"? Ahah! It made me giggle. I can imagine that such a thing could get a little tiring.

  2. Poor Jorge - he's taking Grace Elise's death so hard. His wife and family still need him though and I hope Julio has helped him realise that.

    It's quite fitting that poor Myra might be a little sick of all the nerdy talk at her house! She and Abel are so cute though. I will squeal with delight if they end up getting married and living happily ever after, lol!

  3. Simberry Fields, I hope Jorge can find a way as well, Grace Elise was really close to her papi so her death is taking a toll on him. Thanks for reading.

    Carla, I hope those two get married as well, they're so cute together, thanks for reading.

  4. I can understand what Jorge is going through here. I think he just needs to understand that the rest of his family have also been affected by Grace Elise's death, and that the whole family needs to support each other right now.

    I have to say I have even more sympathy for Grace Elise's family now. I'm (finally) getting ready to go back online after a few computer problems, and last night I rolled up my ROS for rotation 31... all I'm saying is one of Kulo Seeri's families will also be losing a daughter in the next round of updates. :( Losing younger Sims is always hardest, I think.

    - VT

  5. VT, oh no, gooe luck with your ROS. It's amazing how each family member is adjusting to life without Grace Elise, thanks for reading.

  6. Poor Jorge. That's hard, I can understand why he's having a difficult time. I just hope he's able to handle the loss and be there for the rest of the family sometime soon.

    On a lighter note, Myra and Abel are adorable together and the toy shop is really cute.

  7. Maisie, those two are one of my favorite couples at the moment, thanks for reading.

  8. I love how you carried over Grace Elise's death and showed how it affecting the whole family. I hope they find a way to come together and move forward.

    Abel and Myra are adorable together. I love seeing young love.

  9. Oasis Valley, Abel and Myra are the only one of my teens that is making sense at the moment, all the others are going batty crazy with hormones! Thanks for reading.


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