Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Hard To, 2011

Havar, fall, 2011

Lainey and Verde looked over the nursery and smiled.

Soon they would have a tiny baby lying in the crib and they would be parents.

"Tired?" Verde asked as Lainey yawned.

"A little, it was a long day."

It was a long day,

filled with guests arriving for a baby shower in honor of the couple.

Lainey smiled all day long

and gleefully opened gifts.

Verde's new sister, Blancita, had even made an appearance and

brought along a tray of her famous pinchos which were quickly gobbled up by the hungry women.

"Can you believe that in a few more simlonic months, we will have a baby?" her husband whispered as he cuddled her closer.

"I know...I can't believe's hard to..."


Lainey nodded, thankful that he understood the fear that she tried to hide. Their first child, a baby girl, was almost full term when she delivered her...and buried her.

"Me too, mi amor, me too."


  1. I really want things to work out for Verde and Lainey this time, especially as far as parenthood is concerned. And not just because I want to see another li'l bundle of adorable in AV.

    Verde and Lainey have had so many ups and downs in their relationship that I wasn't completely convinced that it would get to this point. Now they've worked things out and they seem happy together, and I say if they both want this baby, they've earned it. (Oh yes, and babies are made of adorable. You can never go wrong with adorable.)

    - VT

  2. Oh, I'd forgotten how close Lainey was to the end when they lost their baby. They're going to be on pins and needles through this whole pregnancy, the poor things.

    I'm glad they had such a lovely baby shower though. They've got a lot of good people around them.

    And as a side note, the nursery is gorgeous! I remember you posting a picture of that at N99 a long time ago!

  3. VT, I hope these two make it as well, some days I'm doubtful about them making it and then other days I think that they can move on from everything they have gone through. We'll have to see and I'm excited about the bundle of adorable as well, thanks for reading.

    Carla, they are definately very cautious since their daughter was so close to term when they lost her. The baby shower wasn't really their choice, but more of Carmela's doing. Glad you remembered the nursery, I wanted to tell you who it was for, but I managed to keep the secret a bit, thanks for reading.

  4. Aw the nursery is sweet, full of anticipation. I hope that this pregnancy is successful, they could use some good times. The baby shower was fun!

  5. Maisie, thank you, I did a lot of the recolors myself for the nursery, and the baby shower was a lot of fun and seeing what gifts the couple received, thanks for reading.

  6. I really hope these two will be happy together. :)

  7. Simnovris, I do as well, thanks for reading

  8. I love the nursery and I hope that this pregnancy is successful, these two really can't handle more bad news :/. Loved the baby shower by the way :)

  9. Mizzgin, gosh, I don't know how they would cope if they got more bad news, with all the death occuring in their family, it seems like the entire family is holding on by threads, thanks for reading.


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