Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Craftman Bungalow with Basement Income Suite

I built a fairly large bungalow with a basement apartment. My plan is to move a family into the upper unit and have them rent out the basement portion as thier income property. Of course, the entire lot could be used as a residential house with a few modifications (ie, removing a wall or two). It's fairly large on a 2x3 lot, but extremely spacious. Ok, enough babble, here are a few photos of the lot.

The exterior shot and the excess of landscaping, honestly, there are so many trees and shrubs and flowers in the front yard, I feel awful for the gardener. The backyard features a swing-set and barbeque area.

Large spacious basement unit apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a few windows to let natural light in and fireplace. Perfect for a small family or roommates.

Main level with entrance foyer and main level of upper unit. Upper unit's main floor features master bedroom with ensuite, fireplace, large kitchen and guest bath.

Attic level of upper unit features three bedrooms (one with ensuite that is perfect for female teenagers), an additional bath and office space

Comments and suggestions welcomed. Especially concerning if the lot is too large

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