Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ants in His Lunch, 2011

Lovar, spring, 2011Grex and Ginger are 39, Bryant and Annie are 16, Breckin is 9, Lara is 8, Indira is 6, and Richmond is 5

The farmer's market was busier than usual and thankfully the family had plenty of spring crops to help with the demand.

The entire family would help out at the market whenever possible. Which was nice since the children were all busy with their various activities.

Annie had won player of the month for the basketball team and Breckin...well, Breckin found ants in his lunch.

However on the weekends the family would help by fishing in the pond,

harvesting crops

or helping customers in the store.

The extra help freed up time for Ginger and Grex to spend some extra time together.

They took advantage of the time to have more dates.

In addition to helping with the market, Annie had found another job as a gumshoe.

She wasn't in charge of much around the office,

mostly coffee runs and making copies.

Sometimes she was able to help with cases and look up information for the bosses.

Currently they were working on a case for the local press. There were rumors that mayoral candidate, S'Ahmisa Warick's little sister was involved in an illicit affair.

They had to tread carefully and gather as much evidence as possible before completing the case. Any shortcuts with such a powerful sim would be a disaster.

Annie wished that she was on the other cases, like the Warwick case, but she was mostly stuck to finding missing mouthwash or who left sticky prints on the candy bar.

"Here's your coffee, Mrs. Carr."

"Thanks, just put it right there," Emma said tossing her hand to the side.

"Are those your children?"

"Yes, Jacob is five and Abigal is four."

"My baby sister looks like them."


"My baby sister looks like your children a little bit. She's adopted. Are your children adopted?"

"No, they're not..." Emma said turning to stare at the girl. "How old is your sister?"

"She's six, so a little bit older than your son. Here's a photo of her."

Emma looked at the photo and saw exactly what she was expecting, Bill's bright blue eyes.

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  1. Wow, so somehow someone found out about the affair! Oh, no. Man, what will happen when the stuff hits the fan? Can't wait to read. And I thought Emma knew about the baby that was put up for adoption. No? Well, how will this go over with Bill?

  2. Riverdale, yep, a rock star spending time with a sim much younger than him isn't going to go unnoticed. Emma knew about the adoption, but not what happened to the baby.

  3. I can't remember, did Bill know where the baby he put up for adoption went? If he didn't, then Emma doesn't really have the right to be anything other than surprised. If he did know though, might have been a good thing for Emma to have a heads up about that.

    I'm worried about what might come out about Si'Enya and Trevor now and how that will affect them and S'Ahmisa.

  4. I didn't even recognize Emma with the super straight hair. It looks great on her though.

    Ah, I don't know who I feel worse for in terms of those "rumors": S'Ahmisa, Si'Enya or Trevor or all three. This will not be any kinds of good.

    I can't wait to see how these turn of events turn out in the Carr household.

  5. Carla, you're right, Bill didn't know where the child had been placed and the adoptive parents didn't know where the child had come from as well. Thanks for reading

    Choco, I've been working on reducing my CC, so a lot of simmies have gotten makeovers :P I think of the three, S'Ahmisa has the most to lose since she's in the world of politics, then Trevor since he's a rock star-but to some degree the world expects such behavior from celebs.

  6. This is not going to be good! Scandals are always super hard for those involved and now this one is going to affect S'Ahmisa, who isn't even directly involved. I can see this just collapsing on all sides. And I'm interested in seeing now Emma handles this new information.......

  7. Mizzgin, you are right, did I mention who asked for the investigation...opps, I didn't :P thanks for reading.


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