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No Signs, 2011

Remar, summer, 2011Verde and Lainey are 24

After their wedding and honeymoon in Hacienda Bay, the newlywed couple enjoyed their new marriage and the privacy of their new apartment.

They quickly settled in a routine where Verde cooked and Lainey enjoyed his good food.

He was making his way through several cookbooks and she couldn't complain, she was glad that he had found something to focus on.

She didn't hear from S'Ahmisa much, unless the young woman called her cellphone, which wasn't very often.

Verde had been very attentive and followed her about their tiny apartment. It was still something she was getting used to, but she was trying to give him another chance. He had apologized about holding onto his past with S'Ahmisa and was adamant that he would change, but Lainey knew that words were easy to say and actions were harder. However, Verde was doing all the right things as well.

"Ugh," Lainey complained one morning. "I need to lose weight. Do you know that I gained twelve pounds so far since we've been married? Look at my gut! It's getting huge!"

Verde remained silent, he wasn't sure if it was a trick question.

"I'm going to the doctor and get some tips, this is crazy."

Lainey smiled to herself as she waiting for Verde to return home.

"What did the doctor say? What crazy diet do you need to do now?"

Lainey laughed, "The doctor said that the weight gain is normal."


"Yes, considering that we're going to have a baby!"

Verde smiled and grabbed Lainey's belly, "A baby!"
Lainey showed no signs of pregnancy until her belly popped. Which was odd considering she threw up constantly during her first pregnancy.

The couple lives in one of the "basement" units of my Grayson Hill Brownstones, but they are now moving to the basement apartment unit of Verde's uncle Jorge's house.


  1. So Lainey's keeping an eye out for S'Ahmisa. Aren't they something like friends though? Maybe S'Ahmisa knows it might be slightly inappropriate? If Lainey was always insecure about her why the need to be friendly with her?

    Hopefully their marriage works out well. It seems to be holding on by the threads just barely as it is. Can't be a good sign if it's only in the "honeymoon stage".

  2. Yay, a baby! I'm always excited when there are babies on the way!

    I hope Verde and Lainey can work things out, but so far they seem to be doing pretty good!

  3. Choco, Lainey and S'Ahmisa are "something like friends", which Lainey blames Verde for since she feels that they could be much better friends if he was truly over his past with her. S'Ahmisa has always known that Verde behaved inappropiately towards her and would try to avoid him out of respect to Lainey. I think Lainey doesn't feel insecure about S'Ahmisa being over Verdethat much is obvious, but she doesn't trust that Verde is truly over S'Ahmisa. Thanks for reading.

    Tanja, I'm excited as well. I don't really care if they have a boy or a girl, thanks for reading.

  4. Well, this was encouraging, I have to say! I hope Verde keeps up his efforts once the baby comes along. I'm glad S'Ahmisa is being careful with her interactions. She's a smart woman.

    Speaking of, YAY! I hope this baby will bring them closer together, rather than further apart. Maybe it will offer some healing after the baby they lost too.

  5. Aw, a baby! I love new additions to simmy families. Decorating the nursery, picking out names... it's too fun. ^.^

  6. Carla, I hope so too. I think his father's death really shoked him up and we'll see how they deal with this pregnancy considering they lost the first baby, thanks for reading.

    Simberry Fields, I love new babies too and my simmies get so spoiled sometimes since I recolor items for them. Thanks for reading.

  7. Here's another Simmer who loves new babies... although naming is more stressful than enjoyable for me, but they are just too adorable. I hope Lainey and Verde don't lose this one too.

    I really want the two of them to be able to work things out and be happy together, I actually didn't think it would work out when Verde proposed but I think he has definitely changed since his father died. Here's hoping he can prove that to Lainey. After all, they're married now with a baby on the way, she should be able to trust him, right?

    - VT

  8. VT, I hope he can prove it to Lainey as well. They remind me a bit of Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff when they were first married and the drama with Ray's affair. I use nymbler to help with names sometimes, thanks for reading.

  9. (As far as names go, name books and websites don't work for me - my Nuidya are Very Not Modern and I want to reflect that in as many ways as possible, including names. I also have a personal rule that all names have to mean something - no "3d6 letters out of the Scrabble bag" here, not any more anyway. So I've devised a Universal Naming Language that I call Maltiazi, although even that only helps me with the translations, not actually picking a meaning, which is the hard bit. Thanks for the suggestion, though.)

  10. I'm still on the fence about them.......It just seems like he's trying too hard, ya know? It shouldn't be something that you try at, it should be natural.....especially in the beginning. But I have my fingers crossed that they can make it work. And yay for a new baby! I'm always excited to see new pixelated cuteness :)

  11. VT, that makes sense and you're so creative to make up your own language, wow. Thanks for reading.

    Mizzgin, you bring up some really good points which will be addressed and I agree, new babies are so much fun...when they're not crying :P , thanks for reading.

  12. Like Mizzgin I am still on the fence about these two, but for a different reason. I don't think Lainey has learned to trust him, yet. Which is forcing him to overcompenstate and is putting a strain on their relationship. Lainey needs to realize that unless they move S'Ahmisa is always going to be at the back of her mind. She just needs to let it go.

    Hopefully for the baby's sake they can pull through.

    Nymbler is one my BFF when it comes to needing help with naming. My system for naming invovles Nymbler, Baby Name Genie and my name list. Takes a little work but I like it.

  13. Oasis Valley, very interesting, you're the first one that said Lainey was a part of the problem as well. Thanks for reading.


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