Thursday, November 17, 2011

Officially Yours, 2011

Patar, summer, 2011Optional Soundtrack: Officially Yours-Craig David

Verde nervously stood before the small church and watched as Lainey's bridesmaids took their seats.

He smiled at S'Ahmisa, but his thoughts were on Lainey.

He knew that he was a jerk, worse than a jerk for the pain he put her through.

She carried their child, even once the baby's heart stopped beating.

She had endured hours of labor to bring death into the world, yet he hadn't given her what she wanted, what she deserved.

He was wrong to let her go the way that he did, he should have fought for her to stay, he should have fought for her love.

Since his father's death he had been making a few decisions,

he didn't want their marriage to be an illusion of love,

he wanted her to feel his love for her,

he wanted others to have no doubt about his feelings for her.

It might have taken him a while to realize how much she meant to him,

but he was determined to become the man that she hoped for him to be,

to be the husband that she deserved and required.

He knew that he would have to make some tough choices,

which he was more than willing to

in order to prove to her that his heart was officially hers.

He knew that he would lose his friendship with S'Ahmisa, he knew that he had held on to her and their past for much too long.

His dumb choices almost cost him his future,

his love for Lainey.

He was so thankful for this time,

this second chance to prove his unconditional love for her.

This time he vowed that she would never have to feel that pain again, that she would never have to doubt his devotion to her.


  1. Aww. So Verde has figured out that he really loves Lainey, and they have gone through with the wedding... I was wondering if they would after part 1. I'm happy that it's worked out for them and I hope they will be as well. Congratulations to the new couple from VT and the Sims of Kulo Seeri. :)

  2. Well, that's a really mature and positive move from Verde. But saying it/thinking it is one thing - his actions will be the real test here and I hope he's really able to prove how much he loves Lainey. I do wish the best for them, despite my doubts!

    Gorgeous wedding, by the way! I'd been waiting so long to know who was using those stunning navy and green colours for their wedding, lol!

  3. VT, yep, Verde really wants to make this work now, all the recent events from his father's death to learning about his older sister have changed him, thanks for reading.

    Carla, you're right, now we have to see how long Verde is willing to walk the walk and if Lainey will believe him or not. Yep, this couple got very nice wedding recolors out of me, Lainey loves navy and Verde love green, thanks for reading.

  4. It was a very beautiful wedding.......I don't know, it sounded like Verde was trying to talk himself into it *shrugs*. I know, I know, I'm so distrustful lol. But seriously, I really do hope they make it, for Lainey's sake especially. I love those colors together by the way!

  5. Mizzgin, I could see how it sounds like Verde was talking himself into marriage. I was so excited when I found the wedding mood board with their favorite colors (navy and green) it was perfect. I'm hoping to upload the recolors soon.

  6. Well it seems like Verde is growing up but let's see how long he can keep up with his new ideals. I hope for Lainey that he can do it.

  7. Heredon Cove, I hope that Verde is growing up as well, thanks for reading.


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