Saturday, November 5, 2011

Then and Now, Some of My Simmie Couples

I was going through some older photos and decided to share some of my simmies. This is just the couples for now, so enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Jorge (Herendez) and Jolie Dawson during university, they thought that each other was hot

Now 19 simyears of marriage, five children and four different careers later

Jadhira and Johan (Dawson) Shazad enjoying a meal at his parents' house shortly after her arrival from Simborough

Now 18 simyears of marriage, three kids and two careers later

Sazo (Kent) and Sandy Warwick on their first date, they fell in love fast and hard

Now, after 20 simyears of marriage, 2 daughters and lots of simoleans richer.

Rebecca and Julio (Herendez) Wilsonoff as "just friends" playing video games as teens

Now 15 simyears of marriage, three children and much drama later

Nicole and Lyndon Humphrey shortly after their return from living in Sokitumi (another simmer's hood)

Now 32 simyears, three adopted/foster children later

Fiona and Jesse (Carr) Kent's first date and she is being introduced to his adopted son, Bill Carr

They look very well for 13 simyears of marriage, five children and two grandchildren (or more, knowing Bill) later

Ginger and Grex (Mendenhall) Grey on thier first chaperoned date (Ginger's twin sister, Marilyn is watching in the background)

15 simyears of marriage, two affairs, six children and countless special "showers" for Ginger later


  1. Oh, I remember you posted some of these at N99 a while ago! It was nice to see them again - some of your couples certainly had quite different looks when they were younger.:)

  2. Carla, they were very different when they were younger, mostly because I had moe CC then.

    Riverdale, me too, I wish my pictures were better though :P

  3. Wow! It's always so much fun looking back, isn't it? I know when I look back at old pics or old posts on the message boards (granted, I have to use the Way Back Machine to do so!), I get all nostalgic!

    I love that all your couples look different now than when they were younger, but you can still see who they are. It's very cool!

  4. City of Simberry Fields, I love looking at old messages on forums and seeing more insights into my simmies and their friends. Thanks for reading!


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