Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little to Worry, 2011

Patar, summer, 2011
Bradford is 47, Suzanna is 46, Laci is 12, Lilly is 7, Lora is 6 and Lesia is 5

The summer started with a fierce storm in which lightening struck the McMillian's yard. A small fire started, but thankfully only the landscaping was harmed.

Bradford and Suzanna took advantage of the opportunity to add new plants and landscaping to the backyard,

as well as a few more toys for the younger girls.

Laci was finally a teenager,

but they had little to worry about since she continued to be well mannered.

Even though Bradford worked as an entertainment attorney,

he rarely got high profile clients...until Trevor Yates contacted him.

The singer wanted him to review his new contract to ensure that he was bring paid fairly.

Bradford admired the man, he was a lot smarter than he expected a rock star to be,

but that was because he barely knew anything about Aerial Bionic before meeting Trevor.

"You're putting tu-tu knots in my hair, daddy?" she asked enjoying the feel of his fingers parting her dense hair. She liked this time with daddy, in fact all the girls enjoyed their father-daughter hair time.

It would start early in the morning with him carefully washing conditioner through their curly strands, then he would carefully pull a large comb through their hair to carefully detangle it. Sometimes they would show him a photo of the hairstyle they wanted, other times they just let him work his magic.

He would use his fingers to separate the hair and massage coconut oil on their scalps and hair as they rambled on about their day, or favorite cartoon or even how they would become the best princess in the world. He would listen patiently and for his efforts he received a tight hug and a big shout of thanks.

Bradford smiled. "Ban-tu knots. I'm putting bantu knots in your hair."

"I can't believe that the girls still refuse to let me do their hair," Suzanna pouted as they released their children to take over the small park.

"No offense, but doing their hair isn't one of your talents."

He was right, but she didn't want to admit it. She just couldn't get their dense kinky hair to behave and her parts were always crocked. Bradford always said that she didn't have patience with their hair. He said that she tried to force it into submission instead of lovingly following the journey that it wanted to go on. It sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to her, but his fingers always seemed to work magic with their hair.

"And I assume it's yours?"

"Of course, one of many talents that I possess."

"I can't believe that we will go to New Eden soon. I can't wait to show you around."

"Of course, whenever we're not at the gallery with Veronika, we'll walk around."

The couple wondered how they were able to be so lucky

 and blessed with such well behaved children.

The girls played well together

and alone.

They made good grades

and were well mannered in school.

Most importantly, they were all healthy and happy.
ROS: Fire

Veronika will be showcasing her artwork in New Eden and her uncle and aunt will accompany her.

Their trip details


  1. They have something nice to look forward to. Moving is a big step. Are they moving to New Eden permanently, or will they return to Apple Valley?

  2. Tanja, they are just going to New Eden for a visit, so they will be back very soon. Thanks for reading.

  3. Wish my hubby could do our daughters hair! They live with twist outs. LOL That's all I can do. But I'm getting better at styling them.

    How long will they be in New Eden? I hope they have fun and a wonderful visit with family! Can't wait for the art show either.

  4. Ohhh, so that explains why Suzanna wore her hair in pigtail braids for so long. She's not good at doing hair. It's not that the simmer in charge of her before she met Bradford was too lazy to update her look. LOL Their hairstyling methods could be an interesting metaphor for how they look at life or raise their children?

    I've been meaning to send you some pictures from their visit. I ended up keeping them a little longer than I planned since I kept coming up with things for them to do. Next Friday on my blog will be the first part of their visit to New Eden. The art showing will be on the Thayer's household update.

  5. Bradford and Suzanna are lucky their girls are so well-behaved! With four of them, you wouldn't want them to be little hellions, lol.

    So glad no one was harmed in the fire ROS! Is it just Suzanna, Bradford and Veronika going to New Eden?

  6. Riverdale, we all have to start somewhere, at least you have mastered the twistout, Suzanna can't even do a twist. I think ponytails are about all she can manage, thanks for reading.

    Em, LOL! I think you're right, pigtails and simple loose hair is as much as Suzanna can manage. Hmm, I think you're right about their hairstyling methods and parenting philosophy as well. I can't wait to see how their visit in New Eden went.

    Carla, Bradford needs to seriously consider adding more bathrooms to their home as well. Five females and three bathrooms is a bit tight. I'll let New Eden's post next week surprise you, thanks for reading.

  7. When I saw the first picture I thought, oh no, not more tragedy in Apple Valley! I'm glad everyone ended up being alright.

    And I think it's so sweet that Bradford does their hair!

  8. Danie, sorry to worry you. Bradford had to learn to do Laci's hair after her mother's death and a busy lawyer didn't have time to do ponytails everyday so he quickly learned some other styles. Thanks for reading


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