Thursday, November 10, 2011

Community Director Note: Plans for 2009-2012 Term

Ginger Grey

My plans for the term as Community Director:

Secure family values, uphold rights for children and elders
  • Mandatory Family Day: So far this is working as most residents make an effort to get out of their homes.
Ensure a family friendly and healthy community for current & future generations.
  • Apple Awards-given every other simyear
    Spirit of Community Awards: Given to residents that portray the spirit of Apple Valley. Must be nominated. There will be a ceremony for the winner and a prize.

    Beautiful Apple Awards:Given to homes/businesses that are aesthetically pleasing in their landscaping

    Green Apple Awards: Designation given to businesses that promote a greener world with their environmental practices.
  • Hold on Housing Options The recent increase in housing options has been well. We will place a hold on additional housing options being built until we reach 95% capacity of the current housing options. Currently we are at 67% capacity which includes single family homes and multi-family dwellings.
  • Increase Job Options We have successfully courted A.Pentragnani to open up a location in the hood including a fashion workshop to increase housing. We are working on pursuing a robotics factory and a floral shop to chose the hood as their primary location.
Ensure adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, & social meeting places.
  • Community Additions There are plans to add a bowling alley; a floral shop; fire station; police station; spa; sports stadium; upscale bar & lounge; and a public fishing pond.
  • Community Renovations There are plans to renovate the pier, university dorm, family fun center and teen hang-out.
  • Neighborhood Aesthetics Residents will notice that there have been many changes to the hood by adding more trees, more sidewalks and open spaces and utilizing spaces not directly connected to the roads.
Ensure a quality education system for residents
  • Monitor the Educational Director


  1. Wow, do you have room on your little terrain to add all those lots? I'm always in awe of what you do with such a small space!

  2. Carla, now that I know how to use lot adjuster I am able to fit even more lots in my hood :)

  3. Can I just say that I LOVE how you run your game? I wish I had that kind of dedication. I try to stick to a plan, run an in-game government, but I always get distracted and everything goes to hell. But everything in Apple Valley is so neat and tidy and professional! It's so real. Kudos!


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