Thursday, November 24, 2011

At Home, 2011

Remar, summer, 2011
Lyndon is 56, Nicole is 54

Nicole hadn't been feeling well.

She complained of a stomach ache and went to bed early.

Lyndon allowed her time to rest before going upstairs to check on her.

She looked so peaceful,

but she was so cold.

The doctors said that her inventory had burst. It wasn't such a rare event given that sims often put cars, leftovers and furniture in their inventories for years without issue.

"Of course, you're moving in with us, dad." Susie said as Faith nodded.

Lyndon couldn't fight his two daughters, he knew that they were right.

He wouldn't be able to bear living alone in that apartment that he shared with his wife for so long.

Instead he moved in to help with his granddaughters,

he cooked and cleaned and ran the house while Anthony and Susie were working.

Sometimes Faith would stop by to check on him and have lunch together. Space was tight at the moment since they had chosen the unit based on a family of five, not a family of six.

However, Susie and Anthony made sure that Lyndon felt welcome and at home, even in the midst of their grief.

ROS: Die of Starvation


  1. You sure have a lot of heartbreaking ROS this round!
    Poor Lydon, I can imagine it would have been hard staying on the same place you used to live with the person you've lost.

  2. Oh no, poor Lyndon! Of course, I'm feeling for Susie and Faith too, losing their mother. :(

    Is it terrible if I also giggled a bit over the cause of death? It took me by surprise because I thought "inventory" was a mistake and you meant "appendix" and then I read on! It brought a little levity to the post for me!

  3. Tanja, I know, my ROS have been horrible. Thankfully this is the last ROS related death for this rotation.

    Carla, not at all terrible. I try to make cause of deaths relate to the simmish world that my simmies live in, so a burst inventory actually made plenty of sense. Thanks for reading.

  4. Ugh, another death! Hey, where's Harvis? How is he handling this death? At least Lydon has his girls to lean on, but I know it's still very hard to deal with the death of his wife. So sad.

  5. What a shame. I've always like Lyndon and Nicole. I thought they would make it to really old age together. I hope there aren't any more deaths this round. It feels like there has been a lot.

    Quick, slightly off the topic, question. Does Lyndon dye his hair occasionally?

  6. Riverdale, Harvis moved to another hood of a fellow N99 simmer. Lyndon is able to lean on them, but they don't have the benefit of leaning on him during this death. Thanks for reading.

    Choco, I wanted them to grow old together as well, however I looked at the family tree and their true age is actually closer to 113 years old, so they should really have been gone a long time ago, but that was before I played in rotations. Lyndon doesn't dye his hair, that was me. When I changed the aging timespans, he went from being an elder to being an adult again with his natural brown hair. Thanks for reading.

  7. Aw, that's so sad about Nicole. I'll miss her, but at least it was an older sim instead of another younger one this time. :/ A burst inventory as a cause of death is very clever. And I can't believe they should really be 113. Wow!

  8. Em, This ROS has pretty much taken a simmie from each age group possible. Yea, I couldn't believe it either, according to the online family tree, Nicole was born in 1911 so she should be 100 and Lyndon should be 101 :P Blame it on my unequal rotations and extended stays in other simmers' hoods. Thanks for reading.

  9. Let me first state that I am such a horrible person. I laughed at the cause of death.

    Now that I got that over with. I am sorry that Nicole didn't make it. They were such a great couple together. Lucky for Lyndon he has his daughter and grandchild to keep him busy.

  10. Oasis Valley, no worries about laughing, the cause of death was meant to be a bit lighthearted. I will miss Nicole and Lyndon together, but it's been interesting having him stay with the Wrens. Thanks for reading.


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