Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Staying Out of Trouble, 2011

Lovar, spring, 2011
Tyisha Masters is a sophomore, Rojo Herendez and Si'Enya Warwick are freshmen

Si'Enya was in awe at Rosemarie and Henry's relationship.

In addition to finishing up their senior year

and succeeding in all their classes, they also managed to secure two full-time teaching positions.

Perhaps the biggest news was that Henry proposed to Rosemarie.

It wasn't romantic and it was over the five-alarm chili lunch special

but Rosemarie accepted of course.

They were planning a winter wedding for simyear 2012 and Rosemarie asked Si'Enya to be a part of the wedding.

She couldn't say no to her friend.

The couple had even managed to find a cheap apartment that they could afford on the salary of two teachers that would be paying back several student loans.

Besides the engagement, the dorm was pretty quiet. Erricson was had starting flirting with an upperclassman, who very politely turned him down for his youthful age.

He had also changed his major to drama from culinary arts.

Si'Enya would visit Trevor whenever he was in town for a few discreet make-out sessions.

Whenever he was touring, she focused on her studies

and was enjoying working with such exotic species in the lab.

Tyisha was staying out of least at the dorm. She was still painting whenever possible and enjoying the talents of the several men at her beck and call. She didn't understand the madness surrounding her with engagements and talks of committment. It wasn't that she was anti-commitment, but it wasn't what she was looking for right now.

Then there was Rojo.

He had taken his father's death pretty hard as well as the subsequent news that he had an older sister.

At first he had focused on his music,

but lately it seemed like the women in the dorm were easing his pain.

"This isn't for me, the only reason I applied here was for my papi and now...well, this is my life, not his."

He had dropped out and found a place quickly afterwards.

He would be taking over his brother's room with Benjamin and Rashid since Verde would be moving out in a few simweeks to get married to Lainey.

Rosemarie Miller graduated with a degree in biology. She will be joining the staff of Apple Valley Academy as a primary school teacher.

Henry Mendenhall graduated with a degree in simlish. He will be joining the staff of Apple Valley Academy as a primary school teacher.

Harriet Mendenhall graduated with a degree in physics. She is currently searching for employment.

In related news, Henry and Rosemarie's coworker, Krissy Thorn, has successfully won her petition to join the ranks of playables. She will be added in the next rotation.


  1. Oh, it's about time you got some new teachers, huh? Sorely needed!

    Rojo wasn't at uni long but I can see why he dropped out. Poor guy. I hope he finds his niche and gets to do something that makes him happy.

  2. Carla, I'm so glad that these two are joing the staff :) I hope Rojo finds his way as well, I was surprised that he even attempted university since he never showed interest in school before.

  3. There were 2 ways for Rojo to react to his father's death. Continue with uni just for his dad, or do what he did. I think he did the right think by looking at what he wants.

    Good to see you're getting some new teachers.

  4. I'm sure you're excited about the new teachers lol. I'm glad Rojo is doing what's best for he won't look back years from now and regret not following his heart.

  5. Tanja, you're right, Rojo wasn't a sim made for university. Thanks for reading.

    Mizzgin, I doubt Rojo would ever regret any of his choices, he's not the type to ever think about his choices more than least not now.


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