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Babies Would Be, 2013

Givar, winter, 2013
Julio is 46, Rebecca is 43, Abel and Amanda are 18, Ana Rayne is 9; (Myra Shazad is 19)

Rebecca couldn't help but notice all the changes in her family. Maybe it was the giving spirit of the winter, or the holidays or the Christmas spirit. Whatever it was, all she could do was watch in awe. Her newest children's book, "Freezer Bunny's Christmas Hop" was selling off the shelves faster than the publisher could restock them. It meant a nice little royalty check in the mail. The check did little to distract her from all the changes.

Her sweet baby boy, Abel, was growing up so fast. He was working overtime at the convenience store to save up for an engagement ring. But when he had approached Myra's father about marrying her, the man offered him Jadira's engagement ring.

"She would want to see Myra have it," he explained.

Abel took the money he had saved and donated a large part of it to charity. "There are sims out there with far less than me."

Myra was aware that Abel had planned on proposing, the young couple had their life mapped out just about. Engagement after Abel graduated from secondary school and a wedding after Myra graduated from WilTech. Abel would try to find work with a local construction company. They would both work overtime to try and earn enough to buy a small fixer-upper or an apartment to start their lives in.

Even Amanda was growing up. She seemed a bit more quiet and serious lately.

Always practicing and jogging. "I want to get a sports scholarship," she said.

When she wasn't exercising, 

she was downing cups of coffee to help her stay up late and finish homework. 

Her grades were much higher and her SPAT exam results were back. She had made an impressive 23 which was more than enough for her top school, the University of Rockport in Laurel Crossing

Rebecca noticed that eversince Amanda's visit to the university, she was more dedicated to school and even helped with Ana Rayne a bit more.

"What else is going on?"

Amanda stuck another spoonful of food in her mouth, she hated when her mother asked that question.

"I still haven't found anything in the construction business. I am thinking of taking the train to Greymount and see if I can find anything there. I know that there is a lot of building going on there."

"And you, Amanda. How are your applications going?"

"They are going well. I sent in my application for the University of Rockport yestersimday."

"And Mount Braynon University? Have you decided?"

"No, I haven't decided yet."

"Your friend, Annie is there, right? How is she enjoying it?"

Amanda groaned. She hadn't spoken with Annie since she left, how would she know how she's doing? 

"I guess so."

Julio didn't seem as concerned that his babies were growing up and would soon be out on their own. Maybe because he distracted himself with the daily grind of chores,

and work. A crate of pharmaceutical marketing baubles all bearing the name Mixzomyatrobride arrived on Julio's desk along with a hefty box of sample Mixzomyatrobride pill packets. The accompanying literature described the drug as the only known cure for stress. The brochure also assured a hefty financial incentive for any doctors who agree to begin prescribing the new medication immediately. Julio was unsure as to whether he should begin prescribing the drug, or spend his valuable time researching it, possibly missing his chance at the financial incentive. But he decided to research the drug, he couldn't afford to have Apple Valley residents taking drugs with unknown effects.

During his research, Julio located a wealth of information about the drug Mixzomyatrobride and its maker, Widly & Duper Pharmaceuticals.It turns out that Mixzomyatrobride was originally marketed as a cure for dandruff, but has since gone through nine marketing iterations as the cure for such various ailments as foot odour and nearsightedness. 

Julio couldn't believe that he almost prescribed this to his patients. He typed up his findings and publishes them immediately to a popular medical chatroom.

To destress after such a long day, Julio decided to spend some time with his  youngest while Rebecca fretted on the couch watching them.

"Can you believe that in less than a simyear, our babies would be gone?"

Julio nodded, "we can convert Amanda's room into a workshop for you."

ROS-donate to charity. Abel


  1. Aw, Abel is a sweetheart. I think I'm really going to enjoy reading about him and Myra as adults. They both seem so determined to overcome whatever obstacles might get in their way.

    Good move from Julio to not be so quick to prescribe that medication. He's obviously not motivated by money, which is definitely an admirable quality in his profession.

    1. Abel is a darling, he gets it from his father and grandfather Ajani. Julio is definitely not in his career for the money, he loves helping sims. Thanks for commenting and reading

  2. I laughed so hard at the end. While the mother is worried about her "babies", the father already has designs of when they're gone. LOL.

    1. Lol, yes Julio is looking forward to the extra space :) thanks for reading & commenting


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