Monday, October 29, 2012

Wasn't Happy, 2013

Peacar, winter, 2013
Bill is 29, Emma is 28, Jacob is 7 and Abigal is 6.

Emma wasn't happy.

Things are her job were going slow and she was anxious to move to the next step, to the next promotion. 

Bill was having success with his job. He had recently accepted a position as inventor and he had his own lab now. Jacob especially got a kick out of telling kids that his daddy was an inventor. Jacob wanted Bill to inventor a food robot that made food from nothing, or maybe just some dirt, so that way the robot could feed all the hungry children in SimNation. Bill humored their son with blueprints and discussions about such a robot.

She wished that she had the same success at work. Instead she was stuck, it seemed.

Maybe if they lived closer to her job and not in suburgatory. She missed the bustle of the city and now that there was a new development of townhomes, she yearned to move. Every simday she could see the homes, sitting there, begging her to buy one.

But the reason why they were able to buy their home so cheaply and afford more space was also the same reason why they couldn't leave. 

They were locked into their grant for at least another simyear and were required to live in it until then.

Besides, they hadn't completed work yet, Jacob's room still had yucky carpet, but at least the walls were stripped and ready for paint. They would need to get the house presentable in order to sell it before they could move to another place.

Another benefit was the backyard, that Bill reminded her that they would have to forego if the moved into the metro.

It was useful for those days when Abigal and Jacob insisted on getting on her very last nerve and she needed to boot them out into the backyard.

It was mostly Abigal, 

but her daughter came about her spitefulness naturally. She reminded her of when she was a child herself and fighting with her brothers. She also had the same discipline she had growing up. Abigal would sit for hours trying to decipher the words in the newspaper and would boast when she finally figured out what the article was talking about.

Thankfully on the days that she and Bill worked late, Jesse was able to walk over and spend time with his grandchildren and help them with homework.

But most times it was either Bill or Emma with the kids

and they tried to eat dinner together at least three times a simweek. Bill said all the latest research said that family meals together helped with childhood development, but Emma wasn't so sure. 

She ate every meal with her brothers and father and she turned out to be more than a handful.


  1. Not really surprising that Emma's daughter would be a bit of a handful, is it? Not that that would make her any easier to deal with, especially when you also have the stresses of work and finances bringing you down. These two could use a lucky break!

    1. Between Abigail and Olivia I'm not sure which will bring their parents more trouble. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. At least the kids aren't both causing trouble. Jacob seems like a good kid, if his idea about the food robot is anything to go by. Of course, with Abigal as a little sister, I'll bet he gets into a bit of trouble himself... siblings will do that to you, I remember how horrible my sister and I were to each other as kids. :P

    1. Lol, yes they get into a fair amount of "fights" but they do love each other...most of the time. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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