Monday, October 15, 2012

Character Studies: Bradford McMillian

Name: Bradford Oliver McMillian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Likes: smooth jazz, doing his daughters' hair, dancing with his wife
Dislikes: dead batteries in smoke detectors, green beans, sticky things stuck to the bottom of his shoe

Bradford grew up in uptown SimCity with his younger brother, James, and their parents. He has black hair, smooth skin (he has never had a zit in his life) and bright hazel eyes. He prefers wearing hats as the make him look more distinguished and has a collection of twenty different hats that are slightly different, even if his wife and daughters say that they are identical.

Bradford met his first wife, Audrey, when they were in university. She was studying to be a veterinarian and he was on the track to be a lawyer. After six years of dating, they got married once Bradford graduated from law school.

Audrey wanted to be in the country, so Bradford moved with his wife to the rural outskirts of SimCity and worked in the county office. Every day the sounds of crickets and dogs barking would fill his ears and he missed the bustle of the big city. But he loved Audrey more and the slower pace of the country did her well. She was the only vet in the county so she took care of all the animals.

After five years of marriage, they decided to add to their family. Two years later, their daughter, Laci, was born. It was the happiest time of their life. Shortly before Laci's first birthday, Audrey left the house for an emergency call. She never made it. When they found her body, it was as if she had simply sat down under a tree to rest and never woke up. The cause of death remained unknown which Bradford still can't accept that. He doesn't understand how the coroner couldn't determine how his wife died. How was he supposed to explain that to their daughter. "No one knows how mommy died, but she did." He felt that he would never have closure.

He moved back to the city with his daughter and moved back home with his mother. She helped raise Laci until the girl was three years old, before she died from old age. Even when his mother was helping, Bradford has always been an hands-on parent. From his mother, he learned how to do his daughter's hair, how to cook healthy meals and how to quickly clean a house. He juggled his work at the law firm with single parenthood, all the while oblivious to the stares from female coworkers and their blunt attempts at flirting.

He didn't know what made him accept Fiona's offer to start chatting with her sister-in-law online. Maybe it was the way she described her or it was her picture with her eyes full of wonder. It didn't matter as within the hour he was online sending a message to her. The communicated via the Simmerville chat boards for quite a while before Suzanna announced that she would be visiting her family in Apple Valley.

When they finally met face-to-face, Bradford was blown away. She was amazing. They had similar interests, hobbies and values. They were similar in age and most importantly, Laci loved her and she adored Laci. The only dark spot in their relationship was that Suzanna would be returning to her native Eden soon and making plans to adopt a child.

Her plans changed when they discovered they were pregnant. They married quickly afterwards which was something that Bradford wanted as he had brought a ring before she announced the pregnancy and Suzanna was looking at real estate before the pregnancy as well.  They welcomed their daughter, Lilly Ana, who was soon followed with Lora and Lesia.

Bradford is a positive, and energetic person, with an intelligent mind and compassionate soul. He adores his family and fiercely protects them with everything he knows. He is extremely affectionate, showering his wife with kisses and gifts to celebrate "just because it's Tuesday". His daughters are his life and he can't stand to see them in pain and they are daddy's girls. He knows that the women in his life have him wrapped around their fingers and he wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Oh, I don't think I ever knew the whole story behind Audrey's death. :( That's so sad. I'm glad he and Laci have found happiness again. I bet Bradford appreciates it even more than he might have otherwise, knowing exactly what it's like to lose it.

    1. You haven't, this is the first time it's been detailed. Bradford definitely appreciates everything in his life because of Audrey's death. Thanks for reading and commenting, hope you like the new series.

  2. I love the idea of doing more detailed profiles on your sims! I might have to borrow that idea myself once my blog takes off. :)

    Bradford is such a sweetie, I've always liked him. It is sad about Audrey's death, but as Carla said it does make you appreciate everything more. I was shocked too to find out what happened to Audrey, although I did smile at Bradford's twenty not-quite-identical hats at the start, having had many collections of my own over the years. (Ask me about my 125+ polyhedral dice, I can tell you all their names...) :)

    1. Borrow away :) lol at your dice collection. Thanks for reading and commenting


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