Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Going Home, 2013

Givar, winter, 2013
S'Ahmisa is 26
Optional Soundtrack-I'm Going Home-Shai Atkins

S'Ahmisa slid onto the seat of the train for the last leg of her journey. 

She was thankful for the empty section so she could be alone with her thoughts.

She couldn't help but glance at her hand, her long lean fingers seemed bare. The familiar sparkle was missing.

"I'm sorry," she had said. "I can't."

She remembered that he didn't put up a fight, almost as if he was waiting for that day, as if he had prepared for it.

He didn't ask any questions and to be honest she wouldn't have been able to answer them.

There wasn't another man, but then again, there had always been another man.

He had never strayed from her thoughts, even when she tried to build a new life without him. 

There's wasn't a guarantee that he would be waiting for her, she knew that. But she couldn't be so unfair to another man. It wasn't right for him to freely give her his heart, yet hers belonged to another.

She felt so guilty every time he would look at her, his eyes full of such love and devotion. 

That hurt the most, knowing that she would never love him like he loved her, knowing that she would damage him beyond repair if she stayed and tried to make it work. 

She didn't want that, she didn't want to have him jaded for the next woman, always over thinking his actions and wondering about the true intentions of women.

She felt the train roll to a stop. She gathered her small bag and stepped onto the platform.

She inhaled the familiar air. Home. 

She was home. No matter how much she traveled, it was a wonderful feeling coming back home.


  1. S'Ahmisa's had some tough decisions to make, hasn't she? I sort of knew she wasn't going to go through with her engagement to Hiro after seeing Rashid. You've really got me wanting to know what direction things will take now she's back in Apple Valley.

    1. I think a lot of people sort of knew that things were over for Hiro after S'Ahmisa's encounter with Rashid :) but we shall see how things go now that she's back. Thanks for commenting and reading.

  2. I was wondering when this was coming. I knew S'Ahmisa would realise that things with Hiro would not work out and I'm glad, for both him and for her, that she realised that before she married the guy. That would have been a mistake.

    Now I wonder what she's going to do about Rashid and what his reaction will be.

    1. I'm glad she realized it before they married as well. I'm not sure about Rashid especially since its been a few years since the breakup. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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