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Grandmother's Traditional, 2014

Lovar, spring, 2014
Alphonso is 32, Krissy (Thorn) is 30, Claudio is 6, Isabella is 4, Domenico is 1 

It was one of the last simdays that Krissy and Alphonso would enjoy the sweet baby smell of Domenico and Claudio's toddler waddle.

They were celebrating both boys birthday as Domenico turned 1 and Claudio would be turning 5. Krissy couldn't believe her babies were so old and that she herself was now thirty. She insisted on continuing her jogging to keep her figure and health as she needed all the energy she could muster thanks to her family and her students.

S'Ahmisa and Ming were over early to help set-up for the party. 

"I still don't understand why go through all this trouble for a baby's birthday. I mean, we're the only guests invited and you're putting us to work."

Krissy rolled her eyes, Ming would understand one day when she had children. It was unfortunate that her sister, Jasmine and her family couldn't make the party, but considering they were finally going on the family trip of a lifetime during the rare spring break that the school had, Krissy couldn't fault her. 

"How are things with Rashid?" Krissy asked, changing the subject as they arranged the pile of presents from overly generous uncles and aunts. 

"Really well,"

"Don't mess it up this time," Ming said from her corner as she hung balloons. "I don't know how stupid you could be to mess it up again."

S'Ahmisa shook her head, she wasn't planning on messing it up again. She was just glad that he was willing to give their relationship another chance. Things were much different now, they were talking marriage and not an issue of if, but when, they would marry.

"How about you? How are things with Benjamin and Finn and..."

"Benjamin is good, great. Finn...Finn got married."


"Yea, married some woman who was working for him in the police force. She's a roommate of Tyisha's apparently.

From what I hear, she was pregnant at the wedding, so it looks like he will be getting his wish of children."

"It looks that way."

The small party went well 

and there was far too much cake

and far too many presents

but everyone had a lot of fun.

Claudio's school work was going very well

in fact, Krissy was approached to allow him to enter the honors program at such a young age. The parents agreed with little hesitation.

They knew their son was smart, what parent didn't think their child was a genius, she thought all her children were the smartest kids in the hood, but sometimes Krissy hoped he wasn't too smart or too observant.

His questions over Father's Day dinner were disturbing, but Alphonso handled them with ease.

"Thanks again for a lovely dinner," he said, which meant the world to her. 

She had spent hours in the kitchen attempting to get his grandmother's traditional italian recipe just right. 

It had taken three boxes of pasta and two burned ground roasts, but she had finally gotten it to an edible state.

"You're more than welcome, happy Father's Day."


  1. Wow, S'Ahmisa and Rashid are talking marriage! I really hope things work out for them this time. They both seem really committed to the idea of it now, which has to count for something.

    I can't really believe Krissy is 30 with 3 kids myself! Time has flown by!

    1. Yea, it seems only yesterday that I was sharing photos of her wedding and now she has three kiddos! Time does fly, but not as fast as it does in your hood :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I hope it works out for S'Ahmisa & Rashid too. Sometimes couples need to be apart for a while to realise how much they mean to each other.

    I laughed out loud at Ming being asked how things were going with all her various boyfriends and replying that one of them married someone else out of the blue... especially since it sounded like a really casual "this happens every day" response! Didn't think Finn would stick around if he was talking to Ming about marriage anyway.

    Happy birthday to Claudio and Domenico!

    1. Yea, the wedding was out of the blue I was playing the other household and they got romantically involved and things moved pretty quickly. They make a cute couple and are expecting twins, something Ming would not enjoy at all.thanks for commenting and reading.

  3. I hope that S'Ahmisa and Rashid make it work. They are all growing up! The birthday party was cute, and I like how they were gossiping about the very pregnant lady that got married. I like Ming, and her personality/point of view. This group of girls is always a lot of fun.

    1. I hope they can make it work this time as well. They're older and wiser now, so perhaps they are ready to do what it takes to make a relationship work. Thanks for commenting and reading.


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