Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hood Council Meeting-2014

Patar, summer, 2014

S'Ahmisa called the meeting together with some great news. "The hood has won a SUN Neighborhood Grant for $110,000. We are honored to recieve this grant as it will enable us to continue to beautify the neighborhood, plan for the future and improve the community. Let's discuss some options for the grant."

"The grant is great news and I propose that we invest some of the grant into building a place for teens and families to hang out. A great location would be near the new schools."

"I think that the grant should go into improving the arts and culture in the hood. We need museums, movie theaters and other avenues for families to expose themselves to the arts."

"Perhaps a fitness and spa center? Also some additional walking trails. I've seen many sims who are suffering the effects of one too many llamaberry pies."

"I think providing more options for the children after school. We could have a recreation center for dance classes, sports meetings and clubs like the scouts program."

"Those all sound like great ideas, we can put it to a vote and allow the residents to dictate what they would like to see."

ROS: Grant for $110,000

Vote in the sidebar for which project you would like to see implemented in Apple Valley: 

a family friendly hangout; 

more cultural options-such as a theater or museum;

extracurricular options for children and teens including a scouts program, dance class and sports team 

or a fitness and spa center.


  1. I voted for extra-curricular options for kids - that's definitely something I'd like to see developed in Apple Valley.

    1. It seems like that one is a favorite so far :) , thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I finally caught up after reading all the posts I've missed.I definitely missed reading blogs, as you guys always give me great ideas and all of the proposed ideas are awesome.I thought I spare you and not comment on all the past posts, but I am definitely excited for some upcoming events.Anyway, like Carla, I voted for extracurricular activities for kids.

    1. Glad that you're back! Feel free to comment, I love comments and finding out what readers think. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I like all the ideas and am excited to see one of them implemented!!

    1. Me too, I hope one day to do them all, but one step at a time :) Thanks fr commenting and reading.


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