Monday, December 31, 2012

Warwick-Cunningham Wedding, 2014

Remar, summer, 2014

S'Ahmisa and Rashid made the most of the little time they had available to them. They quickly found a townhome,

and moved their things in

and were adjusting to sharing spaces.

The wedding plans were expedited by a few simyears, but thankfully money talks and the Warwicks had a lot of money.

They were able to reserve the reception venue and ceremony venue without much fuss.

The wedding dress was purchased, after trying on several different options.

The bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen tuxes were also purchased and altered on short notice. The women were wearing diamond belts and broaches as a gift from the bride and the groom selected pure silk ties for his groomsmen.

Now S'Ahmisa was trying not to throw up over her white roses and diamond bracelet that served as a ribbon.

They compromised and had a small intimate ceremony with only close friends and family to witness their union.

S'Ahmisa had her sister as her maid of honor and Krissy and Ming as bridesmaids,

while Rashid had his brother Marchon as his best man and his remaining younger brothers, Say J and Scot, served as groomsmen.

 The ceremony was like they envisioned,

 intimate with a select group of sims to witness them

 and special.

To satisfy the curiousity of the hood

 and the political hobnobbers, they had a large rooftop reception,

where wine flowed like water,

and appetizers were passed under the stars.

Their cake was custom made, of course,

with edible diamonds and a diamond broach bouquet topper.

Speeches from their siblings caused a few tears in the audience

as well as several laughs.

In the end, the couple managed a quiet moment to themselves as Lady Starr looked on.

"I love you,"

"I love you more,"

Happy Birthday to Simmington Hills aka Green aka Greeneyedsims! Without her, I wouldn't have Rashid and this wedding wouldn't have been possible. Thanks again for allowing him to come and live with me forever. You are missed in the TS2 community. Enjoy your birthday! (PS, if you're on N99 wish Greeneyedsims a happy birthday as well)

Some posed photos of the big day


  1. Congratulations to S'Ahmisa and Rashid! I thought I'd never see this post, the wedding pics were lovely even if it was short notice. :)

    I'll have to send a wedding present from Rommy in Kulo Seeri, since he was S'Ahmisa's friend on the SUN boards and named his daughter after her and all. If it's a Very Bad Idea to send a live cat (Kulo Seeri's signature breed) halfway across the world to SimNation, get the happy couple a cat sculpture or something from us. ;) (It's a Nuidya thing.)

    1. LOL, I think a lot of us were wondering what these two would end up doing. Can't wait to see the wedding present :) thanks for commenting and reading.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I never would have thought to use those dresses for bridesmaids but they are stunning and perfect. I'm so glad to see this couple married!

    1. Glad you liked the wedding. I had other plans for bridesmaid dresses, but the shotgun type nature of the wedding forced me to find other dresses. However, I do like how they turned out. You're not the only one glad to see them finally married. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. This was a really lovely wedding-and definitely a highly anticipated one.They so much history together, so to see them tying the knot is really wonderful.I love the wedding attire, especially the S'Ahmisa's dress.The reception is my favorite, with the outdoor patio overlooking the marina, statute, and water.Overall, this was a beautiful wedding and I can't wait to read their next update.

    1. I think you're right about the anticipation. I've been planning this wedding for at least one RL year and Green, of Simmington Hills, has also been looking forward to this wedding along with me. S'Ahmisa's dress is a modest recolor of Xandher's Chantill dress by Pinketamine, found here:
      The reception is a rooftop of a building that I've been wanting to use for a wedding ever since I built it. Thanks for commenting and reading.


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