Monday, March 25, 2013

Extremely Close, 2014

Peacar, winter, 2014
Jesse is 48, Fiona is 45, Veronika is 16, Jessica and Jennifer are 11, Jeremy is 9

Jesse felt like time was slipping from his hands. He would soon be fifty and for some reason his children were disobeying his orders to never grow up.

Veronika was blooming each simday. She was a good girl, spending her afternoons at the new teen hangout, The Pulse, or visiting Wolf's Den with her cousin, Laci.

Those two were extremely close and Jesse wondered what would happen in a few simyears when they would attend university.

Veronika was beginning to explore her options in other hoods, and Laci was doing the same.

Jesse knew that both girls wanted to attend the same school, but it would pretty much be impossible.

Either Veronika wouldn't be challenged enough or Laci would be overwhelmed with the course loads.

Besides, they were looking at different career paths. Laci wanted to go into veterinary medicine and Veronika was going to major in art history at least that's what they said a few simdays ago, but as usual with teens, Jesse expected some minds to be changed soon.

The twins were celebrating thier birthday with a bowling party.

Jesse was glad that they had limited the number of guests,

it was hard enough keeping up with his two, 

not to mention the other children

running around

and eating everything in sight.

All in all, it was a good party

and Jesse's favorite part was when it was over and the girls went home with their grandmother to spend the night.

ROS-Bowling Party-Jessica Lola 


  1. So is it just the hair and clothing that makes Jessica and Jennifer look identical or are they pretty close to it anyway? I don't know how you tell them apart!

    I can't believe how old Veronika is now! College is just around the corner for her and I'm really excited to see what paths she and Laci decide on for their future. :)

    1. The twins are pretty much clones of each other, I think one has a slightly thinner nose. It's so hard to tell them apart. Once they're older I will probably change their hair and clothes to help me know who is who. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. The party looks hectic but fun! I second what Carla said, I don't know how you tell the twins apart! Are their personalities similar, too?

    1. Thankfully they have different personalities and I honestly can't tell them apart. If you notice, I never call them by name when it's only one girl on the picture :) lol thanks for reading and commenting,

  3. Veronika is really growing up nicely, I'm excited to see her head into college. Poor Jesse, his kids just keep growing up, fifty is a big milestone age too, I can see why he's thinking things over.

    The twins birthday party looked super fun! I would never tell them apart! I'd have to put them in different clothes, I used to with Julius and Elias to know who was who (especially for pictures when I couldn't hover over them to see their name), and the boys don't look like twins anymore. Maybe the girls won't be quite as identical as twins? Excited to see!

    1. They are very much identical as teens, I peeked :) so I'm planning on changing clothes or hair to tell them apart, thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Veronika. With her talent and brains, she should be right at home in a college environment, and I'm interested to see what she'll do once she graduates too.

    Sim kids do grow up way too fast. The twins are eleven already? Poor Jesse will have two more teenage girls in the house in a couple of simyears, then! Maybe when they hit their teens they'll start developing individual styles and it'll be easier to tell them apart. :)

    1. I'm not sure Jesse realized that he would be having three teen girls in the house at once. Thank goodness there are plenty of bathrooms, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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