Monday, March 11, 2013

Manage, 2014

Givar, winter 2014
Faith is 30, Olivia is 8, Vivienne is 7. Walt Jones is 31

It started innocently enough, an extra long nap here

an extra TV dinner there.

It wasn't until she found herself hugging the toilet in the wee hours of the morning

that Faith finally put two and two together.

Apparently that night left a few reminders.

It was her birthday

and they celebrated with too much asian food

and too many sake bombs

and apparently too much woohoo.

She was pissed, they were finally at the stage 

where they could get the girls to do their homework on their own and play quietly.

The girls were at the age where they were actually fun to be around sometimes

and had their own personalities.

Their bills were paid on least half of the time

The only new family member Faith had considered adding was the stray dog Vivienne befriended.

They had agreed to take the girls iceskating, 

it was free that particular day, which made it highly affordable for them.

Not only did it occupy their two restless children for hours,

but it also gave them time to talk.

"We can't afford another child,"

"It will be ok."

"No, it won't. We'll need a bigger apartment,"

"Then it's great news that the landlord told us about that apartment above us becoming vacant at the end of the simolonic month."

"How can you be about this?"

"It's a baby, Faith. We'll be ok, we'll manage."

Faith sighed.

"We have to manage, we have no other choice. We'll do what needs to be done and it'll be fine."

Faith nodded, they would manage. They had to.

Baby Humphrey is due Fall 2015

Some extra pictures of the girls, before I realized that they were in their summer wear during the winter :)


  1. Faith and Walt have been through a lot together, so I definitely think they'll take on this new baby and they will manage in spite of it all. I wonder if they'll have a boy this time.

    1. I'll let them know that you requested a boy, lol! In spite of all they've been through, I'm still waiting for Faith to dump him, they don't seem very passionate together. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I'm sure Faith and Walt will manage with this new addition. They're the sort of couple who seem like they can take on whatever life brings them. Can't wait to see baby number three.

    (By the way, you might be interested to know that a lack of Sim time is making me dream about your hood... on Wednesday I woke up at 2am after walking into your primary school's library and running into Tobi Sweeny, who poked me in the eye for some reason...) :P

    1. Lol, probably because you took his ex-wife, Li, away from him just as he was making the moves, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Like Walt says, they will manage, but its probably harder on Faith, just when she was enjoying her children being past the baby stage, and now they're starting all over again.

    1. I'm glad Walt is optimistic, I don't know how they'll manage three kiddos. The kids they have now often eat cereal, chips and juice all day long. If it wasn't for school, they wouldn't get a decent meal. Thanks for reading and commenting,

  4. I didn't expect this at all, I can see Faith not being happy about it, and I agree that they don't seem to be a very passionate couple. Walt just doesn't seem like her type. I hope that the baby isn't such a big deal for Faith though as she's thinking. And man, the girls on the ice in summer wear makes me cold!

    1. Yea, if she didn't get pregnant, I doubt that she would still be with Walt. Walt has a higher chemistry with her sister Susie whom he woohooed with during her spring break, thankfully Susie has moved on otherwise there would be issues. Thanks for reading and commenting


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