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Hallowed Halls, Fall, 2014

Resar, fall, 2014

Pierce University
Naraj Shazad is a sophmore (Elphy Mendenhall is a senior)

Myra Shazad is a second year student, Erricson Frankson is a first year student

The new WilTech campus was finally finished and Myra was in love with the big city of Greymount. She loved taking the train into the city for classes and looking at the large buildings.

Classes were going well, she was in her final year of her robotry studies.

Most of her classes were practical labs where she worked on complex machinery.

With her wedding coming up the following summer, Myra wanted to lose a few pounds.

So on days when she didn't have to take the train into the city, she would go to the nearby gym before heading into the Toy Shoppe for work.

It was at the gym that she did her best thinking and planning. She wondered if she should have majored in toy crafting instead of robotry, especially since her future mother-in-law made it no secret that she wanted to pass the store down to Myra and Abel.

The good news was that she could always learn toy crafting from Rebecca if she needed to.

There was a new addition at WilTech. Erricson had finally decided to return and get his certificate in culinary arts. He was tired of working as a hostess, leading groups of sims to their tables.

He wanted to be in the kitchen, creating edible works of art.

Instead he practiced with his roommate and girlfriend, Elphy.

He still enjoyed Elphy's company, but sometimes he wasn't sure that he wanted to be with her.

Perhaps it was seeing Harriet again, who as Elphy's sister and his ex-girlfriend, was definately off limits.

Maybe it was simply living with Rojo and watching him parade women in and out of the apartment that caused him to want to break free. He wasn't sure.

Instead he tried to ignore the feelings and put himself into cooking and his classes.

He loved working in the culinary arts cooking studio.

The wide open space and numerous burners going at once.

He loved trying new recipes and learning new techniques under the guidance of his professors.

Of course tasting the new creations was fun as well,

but he had to make sure to stay active otherwise the "tastings" would go straight to his waist.

He recently won a cooking contest, which was a nice feeling and the $500 check was nice as well. He hoped that winning the contest would put him in a better position to find a job after he graduated next simyear, until then all he could do was wait.


Elphy knew that Erricson was pulling away, so she didn't hesitate to start accepting requests for dates.

Especially if the students were sweet and cute.

She loved watching the stars and

debating the merits of private vs public healthcare.

She would be graduating soon and

she had already secured a position with the medical centre as a nurse.

Now she just had to make sure she didn't do anything stupid and pass her final exams.

Naraj was also doing well, at least academically. Socially it was more complex.

He didn't mean to suddenly have another love interest.

It didn't start that way, instead it was after hours of doing research together,

sharing poorly cooked meals

and inside jokes

that he began to see Cassidy in a different light.

A light that he still seemed to share with others.


  1. Wow, Naraj is becoming a bit of a ladies' man! I didn't expect that, I have to say.

    Ericcson and Elphy don't look like they'll last too much longer. :\ But I guess they're young and still figuring things out.

    1. Yea, I have no clue why that is. He's not a romance sim, yet ACR makes him do all sorts of dumb things and all these women are attracted to him...maybe they know something I don't know, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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