Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Character Studies: Lainey Herendez

Name: Lainey (Lorde/Barchet) Herendez

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Likes: fresh pineapples, running along the beach, salty air
Dislikes: being alone, city noises, the smell of burning wood
Favorite color: navy blue

Lainey grew up on, Florzul, a small island off the coast of Sokitumi with her parents. She has bright blue eyes, which is a rarity for her island, and ink black hair. She loves coral jewelry and sometimes makes her own bracelets. She is third in line for the throne and is an official princess.

When she was eleven, she was kidnapped by pirates in exchange for a ransom. When the pirates received the ransom they locked her in a wooden shack and set it on fire. She was close to dying if it wasn't for her father coming to her rescue. Unfortunately, he died a few simdays later from smoke inhalation. Her mother committed suicide after his death as she couldn't imagine life without him. When Lainey got out of the hospital she had burns on her arms and no family.

Now orphaned, Lainey moved to the palace to live with her grandmother, the current queen of Florzul. She was treated like the other royalty, but she always felt alone. Once she turned eighteen, she joined the military against her grandmother's wishes.

Lainey met Verde Herendez during basic training, but he had a girlfriend at the time. After his breakup, the duo became a couple. He was the only one she allowed to see her burn on her arms up close. It wasn't as obvious, but the marred skin still brought back memories of being locked in the fire.

She can't cook and she prefers to stay away from the stove. She tried a few times growing up, but the heat always scared her. She's a graduate of Pierce University, cum laude, with a degree in simmish history and Al Simhara studies.

After graduation, she joined the military as a junior office with dreams of working in the Scout and Sniper Division. After suffering a late term pregnancy loss, she and Verde welcomed a daughter, Esperanza.

Lainey is a private person who rarely shares her true feelings. She often puts the feelings of others before her own. She wants the perfect ending with the prince and fairy tale, but she sometimes wonder what she will have to give up to achieve that dream. She is used to not revealing her true self thanks to royal protocol and finds it hard to truly open up. She doesn't have any true friends, she doesn't even consider her husband a friend as she finds that she can't be vulnerable with even him.

Name: Lainey, meaning torch
Favorite Color: navy blue
Favorite food: fresh pineapple
Loves: walking along the beach
Favorite weather: quiet summer mornings
Fear: being alone
Hates: city noise
Hates: smell of burning wood
Dream: being surrounded by grandchildren


  1. Lainey is such an interesting sim. I really hope she can learn to trust people enough to open up to them - at least to Verde!

    1. I hope she can too, but then again, the last time she trusted a sim she got kidnapped and almost burned alive. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I can't imagine how Lainey is able to keep such a secret from anyone including her husband.What did she tell her husband about the burns-I'm sure he inquired.I love the mosiac and how much depth your characters have.

    1. O, sorry that wasn't clear. Her husband does know about the kidnapping and burns. The marks are mostly faded, but she is self conscious of them, especially up close. Thank goodness for body makeup. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Lainey has so much depth to her, I hope that she can learn to open up, I think that she will reap greater rewards and benefits if she were to do that. Hates the smells of burning wood? That's crazy.. mmmm. :)

    1. Considering she was almost burned alive in a wooden structure, burning wood smell doesn't evoke the best memories for her :) being open is foreign to her, the royal protocol and then her kidnapping episode all are working against her opening up to others. However, Esperanza might be able to crack her mothers shell. Thanks for reading and commenting,

    2. I suppose if you almost died by burning to death that you may not like the smell. I've never been in that situation (Yay!), and so my mind doesn't even draw that connection, I just think cozy nights by the fireplace, camping in the woods, and smores.

      I hope that she can be open and connect with Esperanza, I'd hate for her to miss out on that special mother/daughter bond because of her own upbringing.

    3. That's what I think of as well, cozy fireplaces and hot cocoa :) so far Esperanza and Lainey are really close, she holds that girl very close to her heart and I think that Esperanza will be the cause for a lot of changes for Lainey. Thanks for commenting :)


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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