Monday, June 10, 2013

Chance Cards and Simmies

Over at N99 there was a discussion about chance cards and since I haven't shared how I do chance cards, I decided that a post was in order.

When my simmies get a chance card (hobby or career), I very rarely hit ignore. I tend to treat them as ROSs for my game.

When I answer the chance card, I always try to answer like that simmie would. For example, when S'Ahmisa was a council member, she got a chance card:

"The council has convened to discuss the renovation of a local park. The park is in what the mayor like to call an "under financed" part of the city, and though the park has some historical significance, the surrounding housing andpublic works are as equally in need of renovation. The pros and cons are complex, but when it comes time to vote, ____ has only two options."

S'Ahmisa has a soft heart towards those in need, she has been known to buy sacks of groceries and put it in fridges or to secretly deposit money into accounts. So for her, it was a no brainer-she would vote yes.

Once I see what the outcome is, I then often incorporate the chance card into my blog. Sometimes it's just a simple write-up, other times I actually film the scene and showcase it in the blog update, like I did for S'Ahmisa's chance card.

Other times, the chance card sets off a more elaborate story, like Susie's yearlong tour.

I followed that chance card through letters between Anthony

and Susie as they dealt with the long tour.

How do you deal with chance cards?


  1. Great insight into how you decide chance cards.I used to ignore them, but I now answer them similar to you-according to what the sims would do.Though, I don't really incorporate into my simmies lives like you do and I definitely am inspired to do so.I usually just click and answer read the outcome and move on.I definitely like how you incorporate them similar to ROS.

    1. I started incorporating them after Susie's chance card, it made sense to me that she would travel as a dancer and I wanted to play that out. Thanks for reading and commenting,

  2. I've been trying to use the chance cards the same way you do - at least mentioning them in passing, because they often do have an impact. But I have trouble writing in the ones where a sim loses skill points. I'm never sure how to deal with that with my play style. And sometimes I'm still tempted to pick what I think would be the "right" answer, no matter what I think my sim would do. ;)

    But your method is what I aim for, lol.

    1. Hmm, those are hard to deal with. Maybe a feeling that they're inadequate at that skill or something. It's funny that every once in a while, the "wrong" answer actually gets great results, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Always interesting to read these meta-posts and see how others deal with these things.

    I try to do something similar with my own chance cards, though it's definitely easier with the more dramatic ones like getting fired or getting a big promotion/having to pay large fees.

    1. Yes, the bigger chance cards are more interesting than the hobby ones about them gaining hobby interest points. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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