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Shazad-Wilsonoff Wedding, Part 1, 2015

Remar, summer, 2015

There was a lot to prepare for.

Dogs needed washing,

floors were cleaned

and food was cooked in preparation for the big event.

This was a small miracle

considering Myra often burned everything she cooked,

including the water used to boil eggs.

Amazingly none of the authenic Thaindian food suffered any Cajan style blackening.

The couple opted for a small ceremony a little after sunset. Only their immediate family was invited.

Amanda was able to come in from Laurel Crossing and URock and she had so much to tell about her university years,

and of course, Naraj came from Pierce University. Ana Rayne insisted on a fancy outfit for the wedding, while everyone else, except for the bride and groom, reused older items. There was an empty chair in honor of Jadhira. Myra missed her mother, especially today. There was so much that she wished she could have told her mother.

Food for the wedding was handmade, including a tart to serve as the wedding cake, but Johan purchased a wedding cake. There was no way his little girl was having tart for her wedding.

Even though the couple had plans on paying for the wedding themselves, plans changed.

Johan had won an award for his stellar teaching at the university and it came with a modest prize.

He used that to rent some chairs and tables for the wedding as well as buy the couple's cake and wedding gifts.

Abel's parents chipped in and made sure their home was worthy as a wedding site and even purchased the couple's honeymoon.

They said their vows in a traditional manner

with all the flowers and kisses expected

and even had a brief fire ceremony as a nod to Myra's heritage through her mother.

After photos, they enjoyed plenty of food

and drinks and toasts

before starting the beginning of the rest of their lives together.


Some outakes from the wedding

Some posed photos


  1. So sad that Jadhira wasn't there to witness it. The ceremony was lovely, and Myra was a beautiful bride. I love how happy she looks on the posed shot with them on the ground. Loved all the preparation and that everyone could come back from other universities to be there for their special day.

    1. I'm glad everyone could make it to the wedding, especially since it was so small. Myra does seem very happy, Abel is happy too, although he isn't smiling as much. I think he's still in shock that he's actually marrying the girl he loved since he was 10 simyears old :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. So beautiful! I love the decor at the reception especially - all that purple and gold/orange. Abel and Myra have always been such a cute couple and I'm so excited to see them getting married!

    Does Myra always have that nose ring or was it just for the wedding? My friend had a Hindu wedding and she wore a little clip-on nose piece for it.

    I loved all the nods to Jadhira and her culture especially. Such a wonderful way to remember Myra's mother. I wish she could have been there to see her daughter get married. :(

    1. I loved getting ready for this wedding, I've been planning it for ages and recoloring things for so long. Myra's nose ring is just for the wedding. After I filmed the wedding, the perfect jewelry conversion was released, lol! Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I'm so happy for Abel and Myra, even if there is the sadness of Jadhira not being there to see her little girl get married. Leaving an empty chair was a nice gesture for paying respect to her - I've been thinking my Sims should do that at celebrations, with all the losses they've suffered over the years.

    I especially liked the way you incorporated bits of Myra's cultural heritage into the wedding - her dress is lovely and everyone looks like they enjoyed the day.

    1. I remember my friend did a candle ceremony at her wedding to remember her dad who had died a few months before the wedding. I figured Myra would be missing her mother especially so on her special day. Myra's dress is Trapping's trade with me from TBTO. I'm so glad it was able to be converted, it's perfect for Myra! Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. So sad that Jadhira couldn't be there, but I think they did a great job of honoring her and her heritage. Such a beautiful wedding!

    1. Thank you, I tried to bring in as many references as I could to Jadhira. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. What a lovely wedding, I'm glad they're married now and I loved the decor for the ceremony, especially.

    1. Thank you this was a fun wedding to do with all the cultural references and color schemes, thanks for reading and commenting.


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