Monday, July 29, 2013

Same Underwear, 2015

Resar, fall, 2015
Benjamin Endeavor is 29, Rojo Herendez is 23, Erricson Frankson is 24

It had to happen someday. Someday Benjamin would get tired of living in apartments and would purchase his own home. Maybe it had something to do with Ming buying her own place that made him want to spend some of his endorsement money on a house.

He had plently...considering that he lived in Apple Valley and not some big city. He was able to pay cash for a nice work/live unit in the city. He converted the bottom retail space into a large TV room. 

It wasn't furnished yet, but that wasn't because of lack of funds, but lack of time. It was a big season for them. They were slotted for the playoffs and Benjamin was looking at possibly taking his team to the championship game. If they won, that would mean more endorsements and more endorsements meant more money on top of his salary.

It also meant that his schedule was crazy and his normal bedmates were busy. Ming had signed up for some crazy bachelorette show and was in the middle of filming and doing who knows what with a group of strange men, which surprisingly made Benjamin quite a bit uncomfortable.

Instead it meant that he had to scrape the bottom of his little black book and find some willing partners to warm his bed for the evening.

She wasn't his first choice, or even his third choice, or his seventh choice. She smelled of old grease from her diner job and BenGay, like his grandmother. He did not want to be thinking of his grandmother as she pulled him close.

Ugh, she even had the same underwear as his grandmother...this was not going to end pretty.

Rojo and Erricson had moved...again. Their apartment was finally condemned by the city. Their new place was nicer and familar. In fact, Rojo had lived in the same building when he left university. 

Now Rojo had lost his job. He was fired for shoddy work. 

He spent his days lazying around the house playing video games

spending what  little bit of his trust fund he had on women

and relying on his mother to pay his bills with her benefit checks while he was comfortable. 

Erricson couldn't understand how a sim could callously use another sim to fund their lavish lifestyle, pretending to have plenty of simoleans,

but instead borrowing-with no intent to repay-money from his mother. Erricson hated listening to Rojo whine on the phone, telling his mother that "he was trying" and "why didn't she love him as much as Verde" and "you are helping Verde, why can't you help me."

Erricson was in the middle of his second year at WilTech and he had secured an internship with the best dining establishment in the metro. 

To make things better, he had met someone. They were not serious...but Erricson could admit that he was beginning to have strong feelings for her. And that was a start.

Decided to combine these two households into one update. The other option was to make one household a playable NPC, which is still an option if I ever feel the need to cut down on the number of rotations in my hood.


  1. Wow, that's probably as close to settling down as Benjamin is going to get, at least for now! It'll be nice for him to have a more permanent place to live, seeing he's a dad now and everything.

    Rojo! It feels like ages since we've heard from him. Still the same, I see, lol!

    1. Lol, he's been a dad for quite a while, I think since this sophomore year. However the baby was adopted by his family and he hasn't seen the child ever (if you remember Ben is from another simmer and all of this happened after his move to AV) I need to tell you guys what happened to his family and the baby, but long story short, they're dead :( (at least that's my version of it since the simmer hasn't updated in a long while). Rojo is definitely the same, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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