Friday, July 26, 2013

SimBachelorette, 3

Simday 3-Seashell Hunt Challenge 

The next morning Ming greets the remaining men with their challenge.

"Digging for a Date. You will have to search the sand for a valuable find. Either a seashell, sea glass or more. The man to find the first valuable find will have lunch alone with me."

The men all scattered and start digging in the sand.

The results are mixed,

there were several crabs found

and lots of sand, but nothing valuable.

Until Chad and Nery called out at once "found it!"

Since both men found something valuable, a seashell and some sea glass. A tie breaker was needed. They started over again and this time Nery found something first.

Lunch was quiet and simple. 

Nery wasn't much of a talker,

but he stared at Ming most of the meal as she did the talking.


  1. Ming strikes me as the kind of girl who'd appreciate good listening skills in a man! I'm giving Nery some points for that, definitely.

    1. Ming is definitely a talker, so shed need a listener. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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