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The Industry, 2015

Havar, fall, 2015
Grex and Ginger are 43, Bryant and Annie are 20, Breckin is 13, Lara is 12, Indira is 10, and Richmond is 9

"Hazel Starr!" Ginger exclaimed as her sister entered the house. 

She was so glad that her sister and her family could make the trip from Studiotown to celebrate Harvest Day with her. Especially since the twins were still in school and decided not to make the long trip back. Annie was enjoying her time in university and making friends like Anouk and Rakeesh. Bryant was...well, he was Bryant.

"You look amazing," Hazel Starr said looking her baby sister over. "Did you try that juice fast I told you about?"

"No, did you?"

"Of course not," she said grabbing a glass of wine. "I have my favorite plastic surgeon on speed dial to make sure I age gracefully. I can't have all these young starlets coming and stealing my roles."

The sisters chatted in the kitchen over smells of roast turkey and pie. They  laughed and shared stories about their childhood growing up with an original SUPERSTAR grandmother, Starr Grey

"It smells great, I can't wait for dinner."

Dinner was great,

there was plenty of food and laughter

as the cousins interacted.

Even the family dog got to enjoy some of the goodies.

"I want to be an actress, Aunt Hazel, just like you and great granny Starr." Lara proclaimed as they sat in the living room.

"Really? I could get you in contact with my agent-"

"Wait a minute, she's too young to go into acting."

"Ginger, do you remember anything? I was younger than her when I started on Pahala Shore. If she's any good, she will find work. Besides, you were her age when you started modeling"

"I'm not sure about her starting so young though. The industry is a lot rougher than it used to be."

"I'm sure she could handle it. How about she come to Studiotown for the summer. See what it's all about, maybe be an intern at the studio or appear as an extra."

"Please, mama, please."

"It's just for a summer."

Ginger sighed, she knew there was no way she would be saying no.

At least Breckin would be nearby this summer. 

Now that he was older, he was helping out at the market more often. 

Grex was teaching him the secrets of growing great organic produce 

as well as what baits catch what fish.

Breckin was even trying his hand at customer service in the market by helping sell produce and occasionally running the cash register, which he remarked was "evil".

"When I graduate, do you think I can take over the farm and market?"

"Perhaps, we'll see."

"I can build my own farm right there and then we could have even more produce to sell."

"That sounds just fine."

Pahala Shore
Starr Grey's Journal
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  1. I can understand Ginger's concerns with letting Lara get into show business. Hopefully it won't be too rough on her if she does try it out!

    1. Hopefully, things have changed a lot and when Ginger was working, she had the protection of her superstar grandmother, Starr, which Lara won't have. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Maybe Ginger will be lucky and a summer in Studiotown will turn Lara off the idea of a career in show biz? Or she'll come back with her mind even more set on it than before, lol!

    I love all the history your hood has. I have hardly any pics at all pre-2008!

    1. Sometimes I think it's hard that my hood has so much history, I'm always remembering random bits, but of course my blog readers usually have no clue what's happening. I've yet to figure out a way to still incorporate it all without boring you guys :) thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Evil cash register. Breckin, you're a Sim after my own heart - or at least my large group of technophobic Nuidya Sims' :)

    I also have a feeling that Lara's summer in Studio Town will either make her more enthusiastic about going into showbiz or put her off completely. I hope her parents are prepared for either situation.

    (By the way, did one of your Sims actually feed the dog off his plate? I had no idea they could do that!)

    1. Yes, we'll have to see how Lara's trip goes and if she'll still pursue it, I think that she will, she doesn't seem like the type to give up easily. The feed dog interaction is completely free will. I think the dog starts the action and since you don't have control of pets, it's hard to do at will. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Oh man, I bet it was super hard for Ginger to allow Lara to go off for the summer. I hope that the experience isn't too horrible for Lara, but also hope she doesn't stay away from home for too long. Breckin is definitely like his father, and man there is such a difference between Ginger and her sister and their families! They couldn't be much more opposite.

    1. Breckin is so much like Grex that I forget that he's adopted. Ginger's family is all so different. Her twin sister, Marilyn is off in the jungles somewhere digging in dirt. Her older sister, Hazel Starr, is an actress. When they were alive, her older twin brothers, Clark and Astraire, were a newspaper journalist and rising athlete. Thanks for reading and commenting,


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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