Friday, July 19, 2013

SimBachelorette, 2

Simday 2-Hot Tub Talks 

The producers greet the group and inform them that each bachelor will get one hour alone in the hot tub with Ming. Ming is a bit disappointed to learn that clothing isn't optional and she must wear her swimsuit.

First is Karl and they discuss the weather.

Next, Nery joins her in the hot tub and Ming approves of his assets.

They discuss many things including poly-amorous relationships.

All too soon, Nery's time is up and it's Stephan's turn. Ming wasn't impressed with his demands that women should be clean. She hates cleaning.

When Tao entered the tub, Ming knew things were looking up, if you get her drift.

Somehow talking about the weather with Tao wasn't boring.

Finally it was Chad's turn, sweet Chad with his chisled chest. Ming couldn't remember much of thier conversation.

After a day spent in the hot tub, Ming was glad for lunch.

That evening the men gathered around to find out Ming's choice.

She had decided that Stephan was the one to go.


  1. I think I like Chad and Tao so far the most. Bye Stephan, better luck with someone else! How did you decide who to put in here, did you make them all, or were they townies to begin with?

    1. I like them as well. The guys are townies to begin with and I got some random ones. However Stephan might be familiar to others since he was from my Pahala Shore soap opera and I couldn't resist adding him to my game again. I'm hoping to pair him off with one of my sims eventually. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. See ya later, Stephan! He pretty much had to go, I think! Imagine telling Ming she should be expected to clean, lol!

    1. Lol, he's such a neat freak! I think he has a 10 in neat points, and Ming has maybe 2 points. They wouldn't have made by good roomies. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Since anywhere I spend lots of time gradually turns into a Clutter Lair, I can understand Ming's decision that Stephan should leave. Cleaning schmeaning. :)
    Karl and Tao must have been pretty nervous if all they could think to talk about was the weather. That or they just don't have anything better to talk about. :P

    1. Gosh, that's all they talked about, however I don't think Ming was paying much attention to the words coming out of Tao's mouth ;) thanks for reading and commenting.


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